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Agile + DevOps East 2023 - Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent sessions offer attendees the flexibility to explore a variety of topics throughout the conference on Wednesday and Thursday in order to customize their learning experience. Learn both enterprise foundations and new methodologies to grow your skills, supercharge your knowledge, and re-energize your career growth.

Wednesday, November 8


Agile Hell II: Post Apocalypse Agile Hell...And How to Escape

Wednesday, November 8, 2023 - 10:30am to 11:30am

In this session, the Dave's are ready to share their ideas and thoughts, including how to ESCAPE agile Hell. Combined, the Dave's have half a century of experience in government, ranging from technical to agile contracting, and yet they are hopeful and optimistic! The agile hells they've escaped include no transformation hell, too fast hell, technical hell, no trust hell, product owners hell, too big hell, collaboration hell, stove-piped hell, and leadership hell. For each agile hell, they will focus on successful techniques to escape from these common dynamics. Unlike other talks, the...

Disrupt Testing

'Redefinement' of Refinement & Other Quips on Retuning Agile Ceremonies

Wednesday, November 8, 2023 - 10:30am to 11:30am

In this talk, Melissa Tondi will examine the top agile ceremonies and show how they can be retuned to create more value in their present-day practice. Melissa will share her experience consulting with and working for companies that have embarked on their agile transformation. Over the last 12 years, she has seen similarities between companies in their implementation of agile. At some point, a company's approach to agile no longer meets the needs of the teams responsible for delivering so a retune is required to optimize their efficiency instead of using a 'one-size-fits-all' model. This...

Discover Financial
Discover Financial

We Got Our Monolith to Move at Light Speed

Wednesday, November 8, 2023 - 10:30am to 11:30am

In the financial industry, investment in modernization can take a long time to gain support which slows down momentum for change. While the industry focuses on the next hottest technology, many of us simultaneously continue to own, run, and operate legacy systems. How do we adopt a DevOps culture around a legacy system? How do you evolve the legacy mindset to embrace modernization? Modernization is not solely an application evolution; it is a mindset as well. Embracing a DevOps culture is not technology dependent, it is people dependent. Teaching people the right tools and...

Lee Barnes
Forte Group

What Effective Test Automation is...And Why it's NOT Testing!

Wednesday, November 8, 2023 - 10:30am to 11:30am

In the frantic race to automate everything, one critical fact often gets overlooked…that test automation is NOT testing. Many organizations equate a comprehensive automated test suite with an effective software testing function. However, their definition of test automation is often limited to the automated execution of scripted test steps. Even in the best case scenario, this approach can give a false sense of security, especially when executing automated checks is the only “testing” that’s performed in the delivery pipeline. In this session, Lee will discuss why he sees the craft of...

Dell Technologies
Dell Technologies

High Octane DevOps: Supercharged CI/CD Pipelines

Wednesday, November 8, 2023 - 10:30am to 11:30am

To reinvent the wheel is to attempt to duplicate, most likely with inferior results and technical debts. Within a large-scale organization the true cost of CI/CD is the toil involved when effort is repeated to create the same or similar pipeline functionality. What Prashant and March discovered during a CI/CD journey is that the key to creating powerful and efficient CI/CD or automation testing pipelines is in not writing pipeline logic at all. The formula that was unlocked is in focusing on the atomic level of the reusable code within pipeline stages. By harnessing the power of creating...

Misra Apurva

Integrating Generative AI in Your Workflow

Wednesday, November 8, 2023 - 10:30am to 11:30am

Delve into the vital importance of Generative AI and its profound impact across various domains, revolutionizing workflows and fostering innovation and creativity. As the digital landscape rapidly evolves, harnessing generative AI becomes imperative to remain at the forefront of progress. Attendees will explore how this cutting-edge technology unlocks the potential to generate realistic and novel content, spanning from images to music and text, fundamentally transforming traditional workflows. Three key takeaways are emphasized: First, the integration of generative AI empowers attendees to...


Exploring Non-ChatGPT Ways to Use AI in Testing

Wednesday, November 8, 2023 - 10:30am to 11:30am

Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools like ChatGPT are bringing AI to the public. The goal and purpose of code generation and refactoring tools like GitHub’s Co-Pilot are evident. However, it may not be as obvious to tell which tools are specifically tailored for testing and quality engineering. Join Carlos Kidman as he compares multiple AI/ML tools and practical applications that testers and quality engineers can use right now. You’ll discover AI for functional testing solutions and tools for test data management. While not all of these tools are free, this session will give...

Edward Jones

Tales of Dojo Coaching—Insights for All

Wednesday, November 8, 2023 - 11:45am to 12:45pm

In the agile space, do you ever wonder why we use words such as "transformation" and "journey"? It's because it's really freaking hard. As an Agile coach, there are days when you move a group one step forward only to realize that they've fallen two steps back. You are part practitioner and part therapist. You experience frequent memory lapses like "I could've sworn we've worked on this anti-pattern before." Or, did you? What day is it again? Now, imagine throwing gasoline on that by condensing a team's journey into six weeks. What breakthroughs might emerge when we accelerate the journey...

Passionate Agilist

Transcending Agile Transformation

Wednesday, November 8, 2023 - 11:45am to 12:45pm

While every agile transformation has its own needs and will be different, there are common anti-patterns. Educating leadership is the most important need at the start of any agile transformation. Having a shared understanding and agreement of what an agile transformation is, can have some pitfalls as well. Understanding expectations and about BEING agile, not DOING agile. It is a culture and mindset shift. Agile coaches themselves need to embrace BEING agile and model the behavior we'd like to see within the organization and teams. In this talk, Shari will share some examples of how agile...


Performance Testing and Engineering in Pipeline

Wednesday, November 8, 2023 - 11:45am to 12:45pm

As more and more organizations embark on modernizing their enterprise, and join the agile and DevOps bandwagon, it becomes but natural for the IT and Business teams to relook at their age-old legacy IT processes and align them with the modern delivery techniques. One of the first things that generally gets discussed in such a case from a testing standpoint is to implement a culture of shift left and testing in parallel with development. Harshad and Depen will take us through the essence of what that means from a performance testing and engineering standpoint and deep dive on the approach...

Derek Ashmore
Asperitas Consulting

Implementing DevOps Automation: Best Practices and Common Mistakes

Wednesday, November 8, 2023 - 11:45am to 12:45pm

Most organizations adopting the cloud have adopted DevOps automation to some degree or another. The primary reason is that continued manual maintenance isn't possible with the same staffing level and increased demand. In short, DevOps automation and cloud consumption are much more than just technology change. They require a fundamental rethinking of how we do things. It's common for DevOps team members to be negatively impacted by the changes others have made. It's common for team members to cause problems by making changes manually instead of through code. Derek has seen managers grow...

Nathan Hamiel
Kudelski Security

Addressing Security Risks In LLM-Based Applications

Wednesday, November 8, 2023 - 11:45am to 12:45pm

Large Language Models continue to grow in popularity as people experiment, applying them to problems and pushing new code into production applications. Growing along with this popularity is an engineering approach that advocates outsourcing more and more of an application’s functionality to these LLMs. But what seems like an advantage on the surface masks different costs and risks. Ultimately, you may end up with less reliable code that’s harder to troubleshoot and fix, accruing technical debt along the way. There’s also the potential increase in attack surface from integrating LLMs into...

Dev Tools, Inc.

AI in DevOps for Improving Engineering Team Productivity

Wednesday, November 8, 2023 - 11:45am to 12:45pm

AI and machine learning continue to be hot topics everywhere. The majority of discussions on AI/ML are focused on how generative AI and large language models (LLMs) will change the world. However, LLMs like ChatGPT, Bard, and Llama only represent one area of modern advances in the AI/ML space. Considering the bigger picture of new AI technologies, Chris Navrides has been investigating ways to enable entire new areas of opportunity within the DevOps lifecycle. By leveraging AI in DevOps, he believes teams can improve developer productivity through better code authoring, debugging, and...

Northrop Grumman

Agile Leadership and the Agile Program Office

Wednesday, November 8, 2023 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

In many agile project settings, agile leadership comes from the triad of the Agile Coach, Chief Product Owner, and Chief Scrum Masters. But in the Aerospace and Defense (A&D) community, this agile triad needs to share agile leadership with the Program Management Office (PMO). The A&D style of programs requires additional responsibilities and concerns for agile leadership teams, such as contractual concerns, scope management, risk and opportunity management, proposal development and other issues that arise from a government contract environment. The tensions and commonality between...


Continuous Security Compliance Realized: Reducing the Regulatory Burden with DevSecOps Automation

Wednesday, November 8, 2023 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Most organizations are subject to the rules of an ever-increasing number of regulations, while dealing with rapidly escalating endpoints and environments to test. No matter the time and resources applied to an external assessment or audit, manual processes cannot keep pace with cloud scale and growing technical complexity of modern environments. This creates distractions for technical teams and contributes to delivery inefficiencies (reduced velocity) while also increasing the risk of “non-compliance” (adverse audit findings). A “continuous compliance” approach, empowered by modern DevOps...

NSWC Dahlgren Division
NSWC Dahlgren Division

Transitioning to Agile: Changing Processes in the Pandemic

Wednesday, November 8, 2023 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

A large-scale effort project with multiple teams decided to establish a transition in their development process from the traditional waterfall methodology towards agile development. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. As with any transition, there were stepping-stones and falling points. However, doing so in the midst of a global pandemic certainly did not make it any easier! The program initially was one large organization with a single work area. It since has been transformed into three different work areas within a division, experimented with a number of different processes and tools, and...


Evolve Your Selenium Scripts Into Performance Scripts

Wednesday, November 8, 2023 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

You have implemented your site functional tests with Selenium. Now, how can you reuse some of these tests to verify that your site does not only work as expected with one user, but with a big load of them? In this talk, Roger Abelenda will show you a way to achieve this without leaving your IDE. Roger will do a live demo generating a load script using JMeter DSL, from an existing Selenium script. Then, he will run it in combination with the Selenium script to generate load and evaluate user experience while such load is being imposed. Join Roger, add JMeter DSL to your toolbox and let's...

Northrop Grumman

DevSecOps in a Bottle—The Care and Feeding of Pocket Pipelines

Wednesday, November 8, 2023 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

DevSecOps techniques give us the power of receiving rapid feedback and the ability to incorporate new information on an ongoing basis. However, challenges arise when the development pipeline must be established without connection to external networks. There are excellent reasons for doing this, including reducing security risks to systems and proprietary data, but a little more consideration is required to provide our teams on pocket networks the same benefits of an end-to-end DevSecOps pipeline implementation for our container application. We will draw on our practical experience...

Phil LaFrance

Copilot Wants to Write Code and Be Your Friend!

Wednesday, November 8, 2023 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Have you ever wanted to be able to pair program by yourself? Did your coworker write incoherent code at 3 in the morning? Do you hate writing unit tests by hand? If you answered yes to any of these, then Copilot is the perfect tool for you! Copilot will suggest code snippets as you work based on the assumptions it makes on what you are trying to accomplish. It can explain those pesky chunks of code that you don’t understand, saving you valuable time. You can even have Copilot write out unit test code for you based on the methods that you are trying to test. Merging two tabs into one, dive...


From Bottlenecks to Breakthroughs: Using AI in Performance

Wednesday, November 8, 2023 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Performance, a cornerstone of delivering high-quality software, is poised to undergo a seismic shift, and artificial intelligence (AI) is at the helm. Yet, as with many technological evolutions, there's a haze of misconception surrounding AI's role in this domain. Is AI merely an advanced tool, or can it redefine the entire engineering paradigm? Join Kaushal Dalvi as he demystifies AI's transformative role in performance. Drawing from real-world experiences and case studies, covering AI's potential in auto-generation of performance tests and predicting bottlenecks. Engage in interactive...

Thursday, November 9

Priyanka Halder
Oscar Health

Smooth Sailing: Navigating Release Management in the DevOps Landscape

Thursday, November 9, 2023 - 10:15am to 11:15am

Embark on an illuminating voyage with me ( Priyanka Halder) as we delve into Release Management's uncharted territory within the DevOps era. As a Quality Engineering Leader, I invite you to explore the synergy of agility and stability for triumphant software deliveries. We'll uncover strategies that steer us through challenges, nurture collaboration, and embrace evolution in this dynamic sphere. Unravel core DevOps principles, cultivate collaborative cultures, and refine robust release processes. Discover the pivotal role Release Management plays in bridging the agility-stability divide,...

Capital One

Building Hyper-Scalable and Cost-Effective Solutions with Serverless Cloud Technology

Thursday, November 9, 2023 - 10:15am to 11:15am

Cloud computing has become the de facto platform of choice for companies to deploy software that they build. Gone are the days when owning a data center was the only way to host critical, high volume and mission critical systems. As companies adopt the cloud and mature their cloud experience, they are faced with a variety of options to choose from. "Serverless" technology, which is offered by all major cloud providers is one such question faced by anyone who is adopting the Cloud. While it may seem quite attractive at first, there are many considerations to be made before an organization...


Integrating FinOps with DevOps for Effective Cloud Cost Optimization and Governance

Thursday, November 9, 2023 - 10:15am to 11:15am

As enterprises operate in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, their operations teams have to continuously monitor multiple dashboards to keep track of cost, resource consumption, availability, security, etc., across different cloud service providers. There is an acute need for real-time and easy visibility into cloud costs so that everyone including development and testing teams can quickly identify idle resources, prevent virtual sprawl, and implement lifecycle policies. Enterprises also need automation of policy actions (e.g., auto termination of idle resources), anomaly detection,...


CI/CD with Github Actions

Thursday, November 9, 2023 - 10:15am to 11:15am

In this session, attendees will learn about building, testing, and deploying applications using Github Actions. We will explore diverse ways to trigger builds and test different types of applications. After this session, you'll be able to build, test, and deploy your software from GitHub using GitHub Actions. You will understand GitHub Actions Runners; YAML workflow syntax including workflow triggers, variables, job dependencies, conditionals, matrix builds, outputs; environments; secrets; and deployments including container registries & Azure. By the end of this session, attendees...

Kevin Surace

Generative AI in Quality Assurance

Thursday, November 9, 2023 - 10:15am to 11:15am

The need for a new test automation model has been an imperative over the last 10 years as we have moved from waterfall to agile and agile to DevOps. Moving from test coverage to application coverage and reducing test time from months to an hour or less has created a substantial pressure for full success. Now AI in test is a reality. The first generative AI offerings in QA became available in 2018 and since then marked improvements have been made in outcomes. This has changed QA teams' focus, tasks, and work effort. With the ultimate goal of AI finding all our bugs, the advent of...


Transforming User Requirements to Test Cases Using Model-Driven Software Engineering and Natural Language Processing

Thursday, November 9, 2023 - 10:15am to 11:15am

Testing continues to be the main approach to ensuring software quality during development. Although there have been many attempts to automate the generation of test cases from user requirements (formal or informal), creating test cases continues to be mainly a manual process. However, many studies have shown that automating the generation of test cases from requirements can substantially reduce costs and improve the efficiency of the testing process. Test automation has also been proven to show positive effects on software quality. With the advances in Model-driven Software Engineering (...


Agile and Earned Value Management

Thursday, November 9, 2023 - 11:45am to 12:45pm

The Agile Earned Value Management (A-EVM) approach provides effective scope variance analysis, comprehensive performance reporting, and predictability that aid in keeping the program on time and on budget. A-EVM is an adapted implementation of the traditional EVM method. In A-EVM, we use the Agile framework artifacts as inputs, use traditional EVM calculations, and Value Delivery is expressed in traditional EVM metrics. CGI specializes in translating traditional Project Management Institute (PMI) Earned Value Management concepts to fit an Agile Delivery Framework. The A-EVM approach...

Discover Financial Services

The Art of Getting to Less—Embracing the Agile Principle of Simplicity

Thursday, November 9, 2023 - 11:45am to 12:45pm

In this session, attendees will hear about the application of one of the trickiest agile principles: "simplicity, the art of maximizing the amount of work not done, is essential"! This agile principle is frequently overlooked when organizations or teams create or improve products. Humans love to add to improve. This gets in the way of faster, smoother, and better delivery. Hear about the psychology behind why we do this and how organizations like Discover have utilized dojos and academies to helps teams improve.

EPAM Systems

Elevating IT: A Journey Towards Engineering Excellence

Thursday, November 9, 2023 - 11:45am to 12:45pm

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving landscape of Information Technology, the pursuit of Engineering Excellence has become not only a competitive advantage but a necessity. Join Adam Auerbach, a leader in Engineering Excellence, for an insightful journey as Adam delves into the strategies, principles, and real-world experiences that can empower your IT organization to embark on a transformative path towards Engineering Excellence. In this talk, Adam will explore the critical components that constitute Engineering Excellence. Adam will talk about the journey of transformation, from...


Testing Your Way Out of Microservices Hell

Thursday, November 9, 2023 - 11:45am to 12:45pm

A microservices architecture offers the fantastic promise of loosely coupled systems, independently testable and deployable. However, it can also present some significant challenges while conducting integration & exploratory testing. Since a single service will often not do anything valuable without several collaborator services, one typically needs to understand the way many services work together to effectively integration-test the system. This challenge can be viewed optimistically as well. By design, a microservice must at least provide some API interface, often making it easy to...

Eran Medan

Pipelineless Security

Thursday, November 9, 2023 - 11:45am to 12:45pm

It's 2023 and security still needs to earn some respect if they want to slide their Sec between Dev and Ops. Their tooling slows down deployment pipelines, typically finding more false positives than real bugs, usually in code written years ago, and often harming development velocity. To their credit, security teams will occasionally make concessions, like pulling long-running rules out of static analysis engines, but that means that the bugs those tools would otherwise find get caught months later in bug bounties, penetration tests, or security incidents. Bug reports for code you didn't...

Jonathon Wright photo

AutoOps: Harnessing the Power of AI-Augmented Testing with Generative AI

Thursday, November 9, 2023 - 11:45am to 12:45pm

In the rapidly evolving landscape of software development, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) have emerged as pivotal methodologies for delivering high-quality software at an accelerated pace. To ensure the reliability and robustness of software releases in such an environment, the marriage of cutting-edge technologies becomes imperative. Incorporating Generative AI into business process automation seemed daunting just a few years ago. However, the availability and popularization of OpenAI/ChatGPT and other AI/ML technologies have made it a closer reality, and now it...


Transforming Testing with Generative AI: A Demonstration

Thursday, November 9, 2023 - 11:45am to 12:45pm

Are you looking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the agile testing process? Join and explore the future of agile testing with Generative AI. In agile software development, feature grooming, refinement, user story generation, acceptance testing, and test automation are all critical steps to ensure system quality. While these steps are critical to the project's success, they are not always handled effectively. They can be time-consuming and things like writing test cases and automation code can be labor-intensive and often fall short of covering all requirements. To address...

Breaking Down Silos: Overcoming Upper Management Behaviors That Hinder Agile and DevOps Team Collaboration

Thursday, November 9, 2023 - 1:45pm to 2:45pm

Agile and DevOps methodologies are designed to foster collaboration, but siloed behavior in upper management can undermine their effectiveness. In this talk, we'll explore how to overcome siloed behavior in upper management and create a culture of collaboration that supports agile and DevOps success. We'll discuss the common siloed behaviors exhibited by upper management, including lack of communication, limited transparency, and resistance to change. We'll also provide strategies for breaking down these silos and fostering collaboration, including building trust, promoting cross-...

QualityWorks Consulting Group

Agility for Ops: Maximizing Efficiency & Adaptability of Non-IT Teams

Thursday, November 9, 2023 - 1:45pm to 2:45pm

Agile principles are a natural fit for software development teams. We can get them scrumming, prioritizing product features, and working in sprints. However, when it comes to embodying these same tenets in volatile teams, such as operations, sales, accounting, and people & culture divisions, the approach will vary. How do we modify a concept initially engineered for software development, to fit teams that deal with client acquisition, checks and balances, and human resources? In this talk, Sheyinka will explain how to apply agile principles to maximize the adaptability, efficiency, and...


How to Build High Performing Product Teams

Thursday, November 9, 2023 - 1:45pm to 2:45pm

Many organizations have embarked on their lean-agile transformation journey with the aim to benefit from business agility advantages such as faster responsiveness to changing customer demands, higher customer satisfaction, improved employee engagement, or stronger collaboration between Business & IT. But most of those organizations struggle to capture the value of the transformation, they fail to realize a holistic cultural shift, and/or their teams operate way below their potential. In this talk, we focus on how to build up high performing product teams and why it really matters....