Agile + DevOps East 2023 Concurrent Session : Transcending Agile Transformation

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Wednesday, November 8, 2023 - 11:45am to 12:45pm

Transcending Agile Transformation

While every agile transformation has its own needs and will be different, there are common anti-patterns. Educating leadership is the most important need at the start of any agile transformation. Having a shared understanding and agreement of what an agile transformation is, can have some pitfalls as well. Understanding expectations and about BEING agile, not DOING agile. It is a culture and mindset shift. Agile coaches themselves need to embrace BEING agile and model the behavior we'd like to see within the organization and teams. In this talk, Shari will share some examples of how agile coaches had differences and were unable to get along, mostly based on a large gap in the understanding of agile. Shari will share some things for organizations to consider when initiating an agile transformation and topics that should be discussed when interviewing and selecting agile coaches. How organizations will need to understand that a fixed contract at the lowest price does not yield the best result with an agile transformation. Organizations and leadership need to understand that there needs to be an initial discovery and assessment of an organization's needs before fulling launching in to an agile transformation.

Passionate Agilist

Shari Soroka is a SAFe® Program Consultant, Agile Transformation Coach, and SAFe® Trainer. She is enabled to train and certify learners in Lean Portfolio Management, Release Train Engineer, SAFe® Product Owner / Product Manager, SAFe® Scrum Master, SAFe® for Teams, Leading SAFe®, and SAFe® for Government. Previously with and international consulting company, Shari led clients through SAFe agile transformations. She is a passionate agilist with a proven record of successful programs. She approaches all teams with collaboration in mind and has an aptitude for identifying opportunities and recommending creative solutions. She has a full career of mentoring and coaching teams on agile methodologies. She's been instrumental in the success of a complex $8M program overseeing and coordinating the operational aspects and collaborating with key stakeholders.