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The Agile + DevOps Virtual Attendee Experience

Amp Up Your Software with the Latest in Agile, DevOps, and AI/ML

This is not just any software engineering conference. Join us virtually and get solutions to solve existing agile or DevOps roadblocks and tackle new challenges in the upcoming year with knowledge from our keynotes, sessions, industry technical presentations (ITPs), and live virtual training classes.

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Our virtual conference is filled with experts ready to help you grow your career and company.

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From Agile & DevOps Practices + Tools to Transformations + AI/ML, you’ll learn ideas and strategies from leading experts and innovators.


We’re all busy (welcome to tech!), that’s why our virtual content will be available on-demand after the conference.

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Wednesday, November 8

8:30 AM ET


Tricia Broderick
Ignite Insight + Innovation

KEYNOTE | Lead Without Blame

Hopefully, no leader is walking around asking "who can we blame today?" Yet, the blame experienced in today’s fast-changing VUCA—and, let’s be honest, crazy world—is only escalating in the wrong direction. In the quest to deliver results, leaders rely on old habits, like building cooperative environments or attempting to hold people accountable. But, in the end, everyone keeps experiencing the frustration from disappointing outcomes. Tricia Broderick, the co-author of Lead Without Blame and leadership advisor, knows this never-ending battle doesn't have to continue. Join Tricia to explore what is necessary to enable building resilient learning teams that handle any unexpected and challenging tasks that come their way. Expect to discover what inhibits a learning environment, along with resiliency techniques that help continue the learning momentum. And walk away with a little hope for what can be tomorrow.

9:45 AM ET

Break in the Expo - Play the Amazing Race Game

10:30 AM ET


Agile/DevOps Transformations*

We Got Our Monolith to Move at Light Speed

Marianna Chasnik & Corry Stanley, Discover Financial



Integrating Generative AI in Your Workflow

Misra Apurva, Truckstop


Industry Technical Presentation

Digital Transformation Pitfalls, and How Cloud Development Environment Platforms Can Change Everything

Mike Maheu & Jobin Kuruvilla, Adaptavist

11:45 AM ET


Agile/DevOps Teams & Leadership*

Tales of Dojo Coaching—Insights for All

Jess Brock, Edward Jones



AI in DevOps for Improving Engineering Team Productivity

Chris Navrides, Dev Tools, Inc.


Industry Technical Presentation

How AI is Shaping High Performance DevOps Teams

Vitaly Gordon, Faros AI

12:45 PM ET


Industry Technical Presentation

The Potential of AI & Automated Testing: Conquer Test Script Challenges with AI

Orane Findley & Nyran Moodie, QualityWorks

Break in the Expo - Play the Amazing Race Game

1:45 PM ET


Tariq King
EPAM Systems

KEYNOTE | AI-Powered Agile + DevOps: The Future Starts Now!

Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) is disrupting industries worldwide, everything from automotive to manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and more. Interestingly, GenAI is transforming the very process used to create the software systems it embodies. Just like in video games, AI is giving the software development lifecycle (SDLC) some much needed power-ups in the form of increased speed and enhanced capabilities. But are these power-ups true force multipliers or simply the essentials for progressing to the next stage? Are they temporary or permanent? Join Tariq King as he travels through the history of the software process and eventually lands in a future where AI is enhancing all aspects of the SDLC. Brace yourself because the future of AI-Powered Agile + DevOps starts now!

3:00 PM ET


Tools & Automation*

DevSecOps in a Bottle—The Care and Feeding of Pocket Pipelines

Jennifer Hwe, Northrop Grumman


Industry Technical Presentation

Case-Study - IT Delivery up to 70% faster. Coding at the Speed of Business: Impacts of Modernizing and Scaling the Developer Experience in a Large Bank

Rod Pedrotti, Joao Batista Cordeiro Neto, and Rafael Demasi, Stackspot


Industry Technical Presentation

A Smarter Delivery Platform to Future-Proof Your DevOps Strategy

Erika Leifker, OpenText

4:00 PM ET

Break in the Expo - Play the Amazing Race Game

4:30 PM ET


Jeff Payne

KEYNOTE | The DevOps Alphabet Soup

Have you ever been confused by the soup of terms around DevOps? Do you know what they actually mean? DevOps, DevSecOps, DevTestOpt, DevPerfOps, and even BizDevTestSecPerfOps are tossed around in our industry! A lack of understanding of these disciplines and terms often creates a mismatch in expectations when companies embark on DevOps efforts–leading to disappointment when the effort doesn't meet expectations. Join Jeffery Payne as he discusses various DevOps terms and sets the record straight on what’s important to each organization. He will help you and your team understand each of these business areas, what's important, and why. You will learn the key differences between DevOps and the rest of them and know how to use the best of them! You’ll know what you should care about and why. Leave with a vision for your DevOps practices and clear the DevOps alphabet out of the soup.

Thursday, November 9

7:30 AM ET


Bonus Session

Automating Repetitive Tasks with GitHub Actions

Christopher Harrison, GitHub

8:30 AM ET


Prateek Singh

KEYNOTE | Chasing Predictability with AI: The Model of You Outperforms You

Usually, the first question a client asks about software development is: "When will it be done?". Traditional methods to answering this question are fraught with errors. The most common errors include heavy reliance on estimates and the use of averages to give a deterministic answer. What goes through your mind when you try to answer this question? Now imagine that we could take the same process that your mind goes through and model it? Get rid of the biases that we as humans have by using the data our systems already track. Advances in AI, combined with the rapid growth of data across industries, has prompted the exploration of novel methods for data analysis and forecasting. Join Prateek Singh as he talks about techniques that are over 100 years old, but apply the same principles we use today. With very little estimation and simple measurements, predictive models can better inform and equip teams, managers, and customers with information about possible completion dates of software projects. You'll discover exactly what these techniques are and how you can use your data to do the same thing the National Hurricane Center, sports betting websites, and financial advisors do—make better predictions than we do!

9:45 AM ET

Break in the Expo - Play the Amazing Race Game

10:15 AM ET



Tools & Automation*

Implementing DevOps Automation: Best Practices and Common Mistakes

Derek Ashmore, Asperitas Consulting

11:15 AM ET

Break in the Expo - Play the Amazing Race Game

11:45 AM ET


Agile & DevOps Practices*

The Art of Getting to Less—Embracing the Agile Principle of Simplicity

Robert Clawson, Discover Financial Services


Development & Testing*

Testing Your Way Out of Microservices Hell

Ryan Hoban, Bloomberg


Industry Technical Presentation

AI and the Future of Coding

Christopher Harrison, GitHub

12:45 PM ET

Break in the Expo - Play the Amazing Race Game

1:45 PM ET


Agile & DevOps Practices*

Agility for Ops: Maximizing Efficiency & Adaptability of Non-IT Teams

Sheyinka Harry, QualityWorks Consulting Group


Industry Technical Presentation

MLOps: Testing and Deploying Machine Learning and AI Models

Jeffery Payne, Coveros