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AI/ML Program at Agile + DevOps East

New for 2023

A Program Rich with the Latest AL/ML Topics

The AI/ML renaissance is upon us. Now is the time to get up to date on ways to leverage these rapidly evolving technologies to build better software. Whether you are just getting started with AI and ML, or you have a few years of experience under your belt, there's no better place than Agile + DevOps East to stay on the cutting edge of where software is going.

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New to AI/ML

If you are just getting started with AI and ML, there are sessions and tutorials specifically built for you.

Productivity & Performance

Explore ways to leverage AI/ML to save time, reduce workload, and improve software performance.

Address Security Risks

Learn ways to mitigate the intrinsic risks that come along with using AI and ML in your software processes.


Inspiring Keynotes on AI/ML

Agile + DevOps East keynotes bring industry luminaries to the stage to energize and inspire the audience. Join AI author and pioneer, Chip Huyen, and others as they bring to light how AI and ML will revolutionize the software landscape. Keynotes on AI/ML include:

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Take a Deep Dive Into AI and ML

Full- and half-day tutorials are consistently the most popular and highly rated part of Agile + DevOps East. Tutorials at the conference this year include:

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Concurrent Sessions

Two Full Tracks of AI/ML Sessions

Concurrent sessions offer attendees the flexibility to explore a variety of topics throughout the conference on Wednesday and Thursday in order to customize their learning experience. There are 12 different AI/ML sessions including:

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