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Jess Brock

Dojo Coach
Edward Jones

Jess Brock is a dynamic Agile coach, technologist, and author who has been involved in developing tech products since the mid-2000s. She has also served as a full-stack developer, scrum master, product owner, people leader, instructor, and entrepreneur. Jess attributes her diverse career experience as one of her greatest strengths because it enables her to coach with sincere empathy and experience. Former agile skeptic, Jess was eventually convinced by a colleague to give agile a try more than a decade ago. Her personal transformation was so impactful that Jess continues to contribute to the broader agile community to this very day. Most recently Jess has poured her energy into immersive learning dojos as a preferred means of developing longstanding skills. She is the proud author of The Dojo Coach’s Pocket Guide.