Agile + DevOps East 2023 Concurrent Session : Integrating FinOps with DevOps for Effective Cloud Cost Optimization and Governance

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Thursday, November 9, 2023 - 10:15am to 11:15am

Integrating FinOps with DevOps for Effective Cloud Cost Optimization and Governance

As enterprises operate in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, their operations teams have to continuously monitor multiple dashboards to keep track of cost, resource consumption, availability, security, etc., across different cloud service providers. There is an acute need for real-time and easy visibility into cloud costs so that everyone including development and testing teams can quickly identify idle resources, prevent virtual sprawl, and implement lifecycle policies. Enterprises also need automation of policy actions (e.g., auto termination of idle resources), anomaly detection, forecasting, budget controls, alerts, and chargeback implementation. Above challenges can be solved by leveraging DevOps principles and applying to the FinOps discipline to tame ever rising cloud costs.Mustufa Batterywala will present a self-service approach to unifying data, insights, and actions for cloud cost management. This talk will also include the details of this solution implementation and help the audience in understanding the primary requisites and best practices for cloud cost management, DevOps & FinOps coming together, creating a strategy and identifying a practical approach to FinOps adoption, enabling FinOps practices in an automated manner across enterprises, understanding how to shift-left the cost management for effective operations, and best practices from real life scenarios.


Mustufa Batterywala is the Director of Technology and Innovation at Gathr, a zero-code platform for data at scale, offering a unified experience to build ML-powered “data to outcome” applications – spanning data collection, transformation, insights, predictions, and recommendations. Mustufa has spent the last almost 20 years in Software Product Development, R&D, Cloud DevOps, designing cloud solutions for modern data platforms, and serverless and containerized workloads. He is currently leading the development of solutions for observability, self-service analytics, and workflow automation in the ALM, Cloud, SRE, and DevOps domains. Mustufa frequently engages with business and industry thought leaders to discuss lingering and emerging issues in the cloud FinOps, cost optimization, security, and DevSecOps fields.