Agile + DevOps East - Conference Speaker: Mustufa Batterywala

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Mustufa Batterywala

Director of Technology

Mustufa Batterywala is the Director of Technology and Innovation at Gathr, a zero-code platform for data at scale, offering a unified experience to build ML-powered “data to outcome” applications – spanning data collection, transformation, insights, predictions, and recommendations. Mustufa has spent the last almost 20 years in Software Product Development, R&D, Cloud DevOps, designing cloud solutions for modern data platforms, and serverless and containerized workloads. He is currently leading the development of solutions for observability, self-service analytics, and workflow automation in the ALM, Cloud, SRE, and DevOps domains. Mustufa frequently engages with business and industry thought leaders to discuss lingering and emerging issues in the cloud FinOps, cost optimization, security, and DevSecOps fields.