Agile + DevOps East 2023 Concurrent Session : Agile Hell II: Post Apocalypse Agile Hell...And How to Escape

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Wednesday, November 8, 2023 - 10:30am to 11:30am

Agile Hell II: Post Apocalypse Agile Hell...And How to Escape

In this session, the Dave's are ready to share their ideas and thoughts, including how to ESCAPE agile Hell. Combined, the Dave's have half a century of experience in government, ranging from technical to agile contracting, and yet they are hopeful and optimistic! The agile hells they've escaped include no transformation hell, too fast hell, technical hell, no trust hell, product owners hell, too big hell, collaboration hell, stove-piped hell, and leadership hell. For each agile hell, they will focus on successful techniques to escape from these common dynamics. Unlike other talks, the Dave's won't be doing a deep dive, but they will cover the most important challenges the audience faces.


David Fogel has referred to himself as an Agile enthusiast since 2008. Threaded in Dave’s two decades in IT, he has been a Satellite Communications Operator/Maintainer, Technical Trainer, Criminal Investigator, Nuclear Biological Chemical Safety Officer, Scrum Master, Book Club founder, House Concert Host, Boardgame Geek, SciFi Geek, Process Geek, and a Geek Geek. Dave is currently an Agile Professor and Federal employee at Defense Acquisition University. David Bujard is an Agile coach with 16 years of experience with delivering software at USCIS. David has served as a development team lead, scrum master, and enterprise coach. Outside of work, David volunteered as a lay chaplain for 10 years at Georgetown University, and now organizes community meals for homeless people in his neighborhood.