Agile + DevOps East - Conference Speaker: Priyanka Halder

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Priyanka Halder

Director of Quality Engineering
Oscar Health
Priyanka Halder

Priyanka Halder has more than 15 years of experience in Quality Engineering leadership working in various multi-billion dollar companies like Oscar Health, GoodRx Inc, Sony Network Entertainment, Dell R&D, Accenture, and Truecar. She currently leads the Quality Engineering + DevOps team at Oscar Health – the one and only full-stack powered health insurance company in America. Growing up in India, Priyanka today sees herself as a Californian and is building her career implementing QA teams to use technologies like Kubernetes, visual validation, test stabilization pipelines, and CI/CD for each code deployment. She loves to tackle DevOps & QA technical challenges with the help of modern technologies like Playwright, Applitools, and BrowserStack. She won the “World Bug Battle Championship 2014” while representing America and was also a recent speaker at Automation Guild, Testflix, STAREAST, Wonder Women in Tech, and Test Leadership Congress. In her spare time, Priyanka loves to travel, try out new foods, and spend time with her daughters Ariya and Adrika.