Agile + DevOps East 2023 Concurrent Session : Building Hyper-Scalable and Cost-Effective Solutions with Serverless Cloud Technology

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Thursday, November 9, 2023 - 10:15am to 11:15am

Building Hyper-Scalable and Cost-Effective Solutions with Serverless Cloud Technology

Cloud computing has become the de facto platform of choice for companies to deploy software that they build. Gone are the days when owning a data center was the only way to host critical, high volume and mission critical systems. As companies adopt the cloud and mature their cloud experience, they are faced with a variety of options to choose from. "Serverless" technology, which is offered by all major cloud providers is one such question faced by anyone who is adopting the Cloud. While it may seem quite attractive at first, there are many considerations to be made before an organization decides that serverless is the right solution. In this talk, Bharat will share the best practices related to serverless deployment technology, that will allow software teams and leaders to make informed decisions on whether and how to adopt serverless. He will deep dive into pros and cons of each type of serverless solution (e.g. container based) and share real world learnings. Attendees will take away a decision matrix that they can use to choose the right serverless solution for their specific needs.

Capital One

Bharat Nagpal is a Director and Senior Technologist at Capital One. During his tenure at the company, Bharat has led multiple technology transformation initiatives, from Cloud Migration to Financial Products Re-platforming. Currently, Bharat is leading the modernization of a credit card platform. Bharat is well known for creating high performing teams, fostering innovation in the organization, and for his ability to lead through ambiguity. Previously, Bharat worked at Discover, Sears, and IBM in various technology leadership roles. Bharat holds a Master’s degree from Virginia Tech and an MBA from University of Chicago.