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Conference Speakers

Josh Anderson
kazi, LLC

With five large-scale agile transformations under his belt, Josh Anderson has seen it all—good agile, bad agile, and other things sometimes referred to as agile. With his recent founding of kazi, LLC, Josh now focuses exclusively on using his broad experience to accelerate his customer's success through agile transformations and...Read more


Concurrent Sessions

Jason Arbon is the CEO at where his mission is to test all the worlds apps. Google’s AI investment arm lead’s latest funding round. Jason previously worked on several large-scale products: web search at Google and Bing, the web browsers Chrome and Internet Explorer,...Read more

Vice President of Quality Engineering
EPAM Systems

Adam Auerbach is the Vice President of Quality Engineering at EPAM Systems, a leading global provider of digital platform engineering and software development services. Before joining Epam, Adam served as the VP of Quality and DevOps Engineering at Lincoln Financial Group where Adam was responsible introducing and leading the DevOps...Read more

Sanjiv Augustine
President and CEO
LitheSpeed LLC

Sanjiv Augustine is the founder, president, and CEO of LitheSpeed LLC and an entrepreneur, industry-leading agile and lean expert, author, speaker, management consultant, and trainer. With nearly thirty years in the industry, Sanjiv has served as a trusted adviser to executives and management at leading firms, including Capital One, The...Read more

Arlen Bankston

Arlen Bankston is an established leader in the application and evolution of Agile software development processes such as Scrum, Kanban and Extreme Programming, as well as process management methodologies such as Lean and Six Sigma. He is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Certified ScrumMaster® Trainer and Certified Scrum Product...Read more

Julee Everett
Agile & Innovation Consultant/Trainer
CCG Analytics

Julee Everett is an innovation and agility consultant and professional trainer with more than a decade in the industry. She helps businesses improve their innovation skills and learn how to apply agility to business strategy and problems. Julee specializes in product and portfolio management, design sprints, innovation, and product discovery...Read more


Jennifer Bonine is a VP of global delivery and solutions for tap|QA Inc., a global company that specializes in strategic solutions for businesses. Jennifer began her career in consulting, implementing large ERP solutions. She has held executive-level positions leading development, quality assurance and testing, organizational development, and process improvement teams...Read more

Shaun Bradshaw
VP Consulting Services
Zenergy Technologies, Inc

Shaun Bradshaw is a cofounder and principal of Zenergy Technologies, a software delivery solutions firm with multiple industry experts under one roof and a large testing facility in North Carolina. With more than twenty years in the IT industry, Shaun is a recognized expert, coach, and thought leader in QA...Read more

Tricia Broderick
Agile For All

Passionately focused on leading high-performance teams, Tricia Broderick has more than twenty years of experience. Her leadership, training and coaching at all levels of an organization, helped lay the groundwork to shift teams from one-year product cycles to feasible daily delivery of high-quality software and services. With this first-hand experience,...Read more

Laura Burke
Agile Coach
IHS Markit

Concurrent Sessions

Laura Burke is an agile coach at IHS Markit, a financial technology firm. She recently moved into an organizational effectiveness role in partnership with the HR. Laura came to IHS Markit from Ipreo, where her past roles included release train engineer for two highly distributed programs, agile coach for kicking...Read more

Alex Cabanilla
Senior Manager
Capital One

Alex Cabanilla is a senior manager and enterprise mobile technical lead with Capital One. Over the last four years, he has helped launch an award-winning iOS native application, led development teams to expand features available to customers, and driven efforts to scale cross-platform continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) infrastructure...Read more

Michele Campbell
Lucid Software Inc

Michele is a quality assurance manager and release coordinator at Lucid Software Inc., where she has been working on improving the testing process for over three years. Lucid has two web-based platforms that help people work visually, called Lucidchart and Lucidpress. She has been the lead software tester on both...Read more

Brandon Carlson
IT Nerd
Lean TECHniques

A self-proclaimed nerd, Brandon Carlson works for Lean TECHniques Inc., an IT consultancy that helps teams deliver high-value, high-quality products to market. Since starting his career in 1995, Brandon has been blessed with experiences to remind him how much more there is to learn. Passionate about elevating the performance of...Read more

Senior Software Consultant

Arjun is a senior consultant at Coveros. His development experience includes Java, Ruby, Python, and even Haskell. Over the past five years, Arjun has been deeply involved in the DevOps process, assisting organizations with both its adoption and implementation. He has been increasingly involved in software correctness, including coaching development...Read more

Bill DeVoe
Principal Enterprise Agile Coach
Artemis Agile Consulting

Bill DeVoe has been working in IT for more than twenty-five years and in agile for almost twenty, working with everything from small startups to Fortune 5 companies. He's coached and trained local teams, distributed teams, managers, and executives in lean, agile, Scrum, kanban, and scaled agile topics, and he's...Read more

Giancarlo Di Vece

Concurrent Sessions

As president of Unosquare, Giancarlo Di Vece believes software engineering is not only a science, it’s also an art. This refreshing viewpoint, along with his leadership and passion for technology, globalization, and IT recruitment talent, has led to thousands of business projects successfully completing their digital transformation initiatives with Unosquare...Read more

Kevin Dunne
General manager

Kevin Dunne is the general manager of Tricentis Flood, ensuring their continued commitment to innovation and delivering tools to create software that scales. With a deep interest in the emerging trends in software development and testing, Kevin is dedicated to collaborating with thought leaders in this space. Kevin comes to...Read more

Lee Eason
Director of DevOps

As the director of DevOps at Ipreo, Lee Eason is serious about high-performing teams. After getting a degree in history education, Lee decided to become a self-taught technologist, and over the past seventeen years he has been successful as a direct contributor, a development leader, and a change agent. He...Read more

Agile Thought

Sam Falco is an Agile Coach at Agile Thought. A graduate of the University of South Florida, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in History and a Master’s degree in English. He began working in the software industry in 1999 as a technical writer, and also worked as a test engineer...Read more

Bob Galen
Zenergy Technologies

An agile methodologist, practitioner, and coach, Bob Galen helps guide leaders and teams in their pragmatic adoption and organizational shift toward Scrum and other agile methods. Bob is often called “a Coach of Coaches” because of his deep and broad experience in the agile arena. He is director, agile practices...Read more

Gene Gotimer
Technical Manager
Coveros, Inc.

Gene Gotimer is a senior architect at Coveros Inc., a software company that uses agile methods to accelerate the delivery of secure, reliable software. As a consultant, Gene works with his customers to build software better, faster, and more securely by introducing agile development and DevOps practices such as continuous...Read more

Andrea Goulet

Andrea Goulet is the CEO of Corgibytes, a software development shop dedicated to maintaining and modernizing software applications and has been named by LinkedIn as one of the Top 10 Professionals in Software Under 35. She’s the founder of LegacyCode. Rocks and hosts a podcast dedicated to changing...Read more

Becky Hartman
Senior Agile Coach

Becky Hartman is an enthusiastic and passionate agile coach with nearly twenty years of experience in traditional and agile methodologies, with applied experience in a variety of domains. She holds several certifications pertaining to agile and project management, including PMI-ACP, PMP, CSM, CSPO, CSP, PSM II, and TBR-CT. She specializes...Read more

V. Lee Henson

V. Lee Henson is one of only 200 or so Certified Scrum Trainers worldwide. His client list includes more than forty of the Fortune 100 companies and many successful agile implementations. Lee’s unique blend of real-world experience in various roles—combined with his ability to drive home complex concepts—makes him an...Read more


Brian Hicks is a software engineer, development manager, and technical architect with over 15 years of hands-on experience designing and developing software using core Java, web services, and related technologies in both the commercial and public sectors. He is also a Certified ScrumMaster® and has experience implementing agile processes, leading...Read more

Arjay Hinek
Red Hat

Arjay Hinek has been in project management since the '90s, helping teams, companies, and even individuals apply agile as a culture rather than a process. While coaching teams, product owners, and management within small startups as well as large enterprises, he has delivered workshops, training sessions, and talks on all...Read more

Anne Hungate
Daring Systems

Anne Hungate is an IT executive with more than twenty years' experience. Experimenting with both engineering practices and organizational design, Anne determined that people and trust are the keys to better software, while facts and data link IT results to business value. Anne is the president of Daring Systems, a...Read more

Suzette Johnson
Northrop Grumman

Suzette Johnson works for Northrop Grumman Corporation near Baltimore, where she leads Northrop Grumman’s Agile Center of Excellence. As a Certified Agile Enterprise Coach and Scaled Agile Program Consultant, she has an interest in and passion for driving agile transformation across the organization. Her initial experience with agile-related practices began...Read more

Mark Kilby

Mark Kilby is an Agile coach who, for over two decades, has cultivated more distributed, dispersed, and virtual teams than colocated teams. Currently, Mark serves as an Agile coach with Sonatype, a distributed Agile software development company focusing on automation of software supply chains. Previously, Mark led Agile transformations, from...Read more

Marcus King
Improving Enterprises

Marcus King has more than fifteen years of IT industry experience in roles ranging from network engineer to software developer and enterprise architect. As a technical coach, he mentors teams toward healthy conflict, more efficient work processes, and better technology choices. A true technologist, Marcus has had the opportunity to...Read more

Director, Lead Software Evangelist

Eran Kinsbruner is the mobile evangelist at Perfecto and the author of The Digital Quality Handbook, as well as a monthly columnist at He is a software engineering professional with nearly twenty years of experience at companies such as Matrix, Sun Microsystems, General Electric, Texas Instruments and NeuStar. He...Read more

John Krewson
Sketch Development

John Krewson is the founder of Sketch Development Services, a St. Louis based software development studio that has helped dozens of companies adopt and apply Agile and DevOps principles and practices. He has been an active member of the Agile community since 2003 as a developer, ScrumMaster, development leader, product...Read more

Jennifer Krieger
Red Hat

Keynote speaker and doer of many things, Jen Krieger is Chief Agile Architect at Red Hat. Most of her more than twenty-year career has been in software development, with Jen holding many roles throughout the waterfall and agile lifecycles. At Red Hat, she led a department-wide adoption of DevOps methodologies,...Read more

Jeff Langr
Langr Software Solutions, Inc.

Jeff Langr has spent more than half his thirty-five-year career successfully building and delivering software using agile methods and techniques. He’s also helped countless other development teams do the same by coaching and training through his company, Langr Software Solutions Inc. In addition to being a contributor to Uncle Bob’s...Read more

Ian Larson

Ian has more than twenty years of experience designing products for demanding brands in entertainment, publishing, and fintech, including HBO, Disney, EA, Playstation, Activision, UBM, and Ipreo. Read more

Claire Lohr
Lohr Systems

Claire Lohr has been an active professional in the computer field for thirty years, with the last twenty years emphasizing software process improvement and testing. Claire provides training—design, authoring, and instruction—and consulting services for a wide variety of both government and commercial clients. She is a Lloyd’s Register trained ISO...Read more

Larry Maccherone
Independent Consultant

Larry Maccherone is an industry-recognized thought leader on Lean/Agile, Analytics, and DevSecOps. He currently leads the DevSecOps transformation at Comcast. Previously, Larry led the insights product line at Rally Software which enabled better decisions with data, leveraged big data techniques to conduct groundbreaking research, and offered the first-ever agile performance...Read more

Don MacIntyre
Scrum Etc.

Leadership Summit Sessions

Don MacIntyre is the founder of where he provides agile consulting and training from the C-level to the team-level. Don draws upon his many years of experience as a software executive, Agile transformation lead, and software engineering leader to help organizations benefit from Agile principles and practices. Don has...Read more

Claudia Marquette
AB2 Consulting

Agile coach and SAFe 4.0 program consultant Claudia Marquette guides IT leaders and professionals to transform how they work using agile and lean practices. She has deep expertise in what it takes to “go Agile” with experience as a SAFe release train engineer. Claudia designs the curriculum for an intensive,...Read more

Paul Merrill
Beaufort Fairmont Automated Testing Services

Paul Merrill is principal software engineer in test and founder of Beaufort Fairmont Automated Testing Services. A frequent writer on testing and test automation in top-notch testing publications and an international speaker at testing and software conferences, Paul works with clients every day to accelerate testing, mitigate risks, and increase...Read more

Dan Mezick
Independent Agile Coach

Coaching executives and teams since 2006, Daniel Mezick is an expert on extending adaptive Agile culture beyond software. His books and workshops teach you how. A frequent speaker at industry conferences, His first pioneering work on culture was published in 2012. The Culture Game described 16 specific patterns...Read more

Safi Mohamed

Safi Mohamed is the lead performance engineer for His responsibilities include ensuring JCPenney's website is highly performant, scalable, and available. He also prepares the site for peak events, enables DevOps transformations, and develops engineering frameworks. He is passionate about programming and using it for automating performance engineering processes and...Read more

Rob Myers
Agile for All

Rob Myers is principle instructor and coach at Agile for All. He has over 30 years experience with software development teams, and has been training and coaching organizations in Agile engineering practices since 1998. His courses blend fun, practical hands-on labs, "Training From the Back of the Room” learning techniques,...Read more

Martin Olson
Silicon Prairie Solutions and Scaling Matters

Martin Olson is a principal with Silicon Prairie Solutions and Scaling Matters. Silicon Prairie Solutions helps organizations and their associates grow and adapt more lean and agile abilities through training, coaching, and mentoring. Scaling Matters is a Scaled Agile Framework SPCT Gold partner, providing its clients with industry-leading SAFe training....Read more

Todd Olson

Todd Olson is co-founder and CEO of Pendo, a product cloud that helps product teams deliver software customers love. A three-time entrepreneur, Todd has experienced the highs and lows of running fast-growth technology companies. The inspiration for Pendo came as Todd led the product team at Rally. With no product...Read more

Treasa Overton
Overton Coaching

Treasa has been a consultant for twelve years, recently taking on the role of lead agile coach at USAA in their transformation efforts. With more than twenty years' experience in the development of teams, her career has evolved into being a Certified Org Mindset Enterprise Coach. Working with Fortune 100...Read more

QA Evangelist
QualiTest Group, Inc

Gerie Owen is Quality Assurance Evangelist at QualiTest Group, Inc. She is a Certified Scrum Master, Conference Presenter and Author on technology and testing topics. She enjoys mentoring new QA Leads and brings a cohesive team approach to testing. Gerie is the author of many articles on technology including Agile...Read more

Gajan Pathmanathan
Leader - Enterprise Quality Architecture
Quicken Loans

Gajan Pathmanathan is a quality evangelist, DevOps enthusiast, and engineering leader with fifteen years of experience in designing, developing, and testing software. He currently leads the Enterprise Quality Architecture team at Quicken Loans, where he is responsible for implementing solutions and strategies for continuous quality and quality-driven development...Read more

Bob Payne
SVP of Agile Transformation

An early adopter of Extreme Programming, Scrum and SAFe, Bob Payne has worked exclusively as a Lean+Agile Transformation leader since 1999. He hosts the Agile Toolkit podcast and has produced more than 170 podcasts, recording a variety of industry leaders and agile practitioners. My consulting and training style is built...Read more

Jeff Payne
CEO and Founder

Jeffery Payne is CEO and founder of Coveros, Inc., a software company that builds secure software applications using agile methods.  Since its inception in 2008, Coveros has become a market leader in secure agile principles while being recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in...Read more

Robb Pieper
CEO/Principal Advisor
Responsive Advisors

Robb Pieper has taught and coached thousands of people on agile frameworks and methodologies. He’s worked at all levels, from the team to the C-suite, as a champion of modern management, nimble thinking, and the benefits of business agility. Robb’s developed a strong ability to communicate difficult-to-grasp ideas in his...Read more

Allison Pollard
Principal Consultant
Improving Enterprises

Allison Pollard helps people discover their agile instincts and develop their coaching abilities. As an agile coach with Improving in Dallas, Allison enjoys mentoring others to become great ScrumMasters and fostering communities that provide sustainability for agile transformations. In her experience, applying agile methods improves delivery, strengthens relationships, and builds...Read more

Vincent Prêtre
Cofounder of Hiptest

Vincent Prêtre is a cofounder of Hiptest with more than ten years of software experience. He is specialized in web development and is also the creator and main contributor of the open source framework Hiptest-Publisher. He has been a speaker at several conferences around the world to share his experience...Read more

Laurent Py
Senior Developer - Product manager

With more than fifteen years of experience as a developer and product manager, Laurent Py is now product manager at Hiptest, a continuous testing platform dedicated to agile and DevOps teams. Hiptest helps product owners, developers, and testers collaborate to build the right product faster.Read more

Dana Pylayeva
Agile Coach
Agile Play Consulting LLC

Dana has seventeen years of diverse experience in software development and IT operations as well as agile coaching, facilitation, brain-friendly training, and game design. She is the author of Introduction to DevOps with Chocolate, LEGO and Scrum Game, an international speaker and a TBR certified trainer. Dana holds an MS...Read more

Ryan Riplley
Professional Scrum Trainer
Independent Consultant

A professional Scrum trainer with, Ryan Ripley has experience as a software developer, manager, director, and ScrumMaster at various Fortune 500 companies in the medical device, wholesale, and financial services industries. Ryan is committed to helping teams break the cycle of “bad Scrum” so they can deliver valuable software...Read more

Johanna Rothman

Johanna Rothman, known as the “Pragmatic Manager,” provides frank advice for your tough problems. She helps leaders and teams see problems, resolve risks, and manage their product development. Johanna was the Agile 2009 conference chair and was the cochair of the first edition of the Agile Practice Guide. Johanna is...Read more


Rob Sabourin has more than thirty-five years of management experience leading teams of software development professionals. A highly-respected member of the software engineering community, Rob has managed, trained, mentored, and coached hundreds of top professionals in the field. He frequently speaks at conferences and writes on software engineering, SQA, testing,...Read more

Danilo Sato

Danilo Sato is a polyglot principal consultant with more than fifteen years of experience as an architect, data engineer, developer, and agile coach. Balancing strategy with execution, Danilo helps clients refine their technology strategy while adopting practices to reduce the time between having an idea, implementing it, and running it...Read more

Adarsh Shah

Adarsh Shah is a principal consultant at Contino, a global leader in DevOps and cloud enablement. Prior to Contino, he was at ThoughtWorks, where he led various engineering teams. With thirteen years of engineering and DevOps experience, Adarsh has a keen interest in building systems that add business value, and...Read more

Eric Sheridan
Chief Scientist
WhiteHat Security

As chief scientist at WhiteHat Security, Eric oversees research and development for Sentinel Source and related products. Eric leads the WhiteHat Certified Secure Developer (WCSD) program, a free training program designed to educate and certify developers on secure coding and application security best practices. Prior to joining WhiteHat, Eric cofounded...Read more

Katy Sherman
Premier Inc.

Concurrent Sessions

Katy Sherman is director of software engineering at Premier Inc. She worked in several different agile environments with several companies, first as a developer and later as a manager. She has seen agile working and knows its benefits, but she has also seen its failures, things that did not work,...Read more

Jessica Soroky
Director of Agile Delivery

Jessica Soroky is Director of Agile Practices for Pendo. As a Certified ScrumMaster, certified Red Belt Collaboration Architect, and the youngest accredited Leadership Gift Coach, she is driven by her passion for people. She has worked in the corporate world since the age of nineteen and has a diverse background...Read more


Coveros' Executive Vice President of Training Mike Sowers has more than twenty-five years of practical experience as a global leader of internationally distributed test teams across multiple industries. Mike is a senior leader, skilled in working with both large and small organizations to improve their software development, testing, and delivery approaches....Read more

Jared Speno
Sr Consultant, IT Applications
Nationwide Insurance

As enterprises begin to adopt DevOps practices, there can be a tendency for these transformations to err in one of two ways. One model is where everything is driven locally by teams trying new concepts and tools in order to accelerate their delivery. Another model is where a very top-down...Read more

Tom Stiehm is a 20 year veteran of the Information Technology industry. He has spent the past 10 years managing, designing and implementing software products and applications using agile software development methods. Prior to Coveros, Tom held a variety of CTO and architect positions at software development companies. Tom is...Read more

Raj Subramanian
Developer Evangelist

Raj Subramanian is a former developer who moved to testing to focus on his passion. Raj currently works as a Developer Evangelist for, that provides stable self-healing AI based test automation to enterprises such as Netapp, Swisscom,Wix and Autodesk. He also provides mobile training and consulting for different clients....Read more

Hunter Tammaro
Agile Coach
Excella Consulting

Hunter Tammaro is an agilist with Excella Consulting. He has five years' experience in agile projects and more than ten years in IT, working with multiple teams to create large, complex software systems. Hunter is especially interested in helping organizations scale their agile adoption using empirical, evolutionary techniques....Read more

Katrina Thacker
Box Inc

Katrina Thacker is a product delivery agility coach, enthusiast, and ambassador. Over the course of her more than twenty-year career she has been fortunate enough to engage in the ideation, design, and delivery of information technology products and services for a multitude of industries and customers. Back in the '90s,...Read more

Brian Thompson

Brian Thompson, a former outdoorsman turned web developer, currently leads a team of more than twenty developers in the creation and maintenance of digital experiences. As the director of web engineering at Mindgrub Technologies, Brian oversees all the web projects in addition to the odd robotics project. During his time...Read more

Mary Thorn Consulting

Chief storyteller of the book The Three Pillars of Agile Testing and Quality, Mary Thorn is owner of Mary Thorn Consulting in Raleigh, NC. During her more than twenty years of experience with healthcare, financial, and HR SaaS-based products, Mary has held director, manager- and contributor-level positions in software development...Read more

Francie Van Wurkus
AB2 Consulting

A conqueror of mediocrity, Francie Van Wirkus is a certified professional coach in the insurance and financial services industry, with an agile, lean, and sales focus. Her innovative ways of leading and sustaining change are helping lead a large IT transformation effort in a complex organization, where she is a...Read more

Seth Vargo

Seth Vargo is a developer advocate at Google. Previously he worked at HashiCorp, Chef Software, CustomInk, and a few Pittsburgh-based startups. He is the coauthor of Learning Chef and is passionate about reducing inequality in technology. When he is not writing, working on open source, teaching, or speaking at conferences, Seth...Read more

Director of Practice Strategy
Kanda Software

Peter Varhol is a well-known writer and speaker on software and technology topics, having authored dozens of articles and spoken at a number of industry conferences and webcasts. He has advanced degrees in computer science, applied mathematics, and psychology, and he is director of practice strategy at Kanda Software. His...Read more

John Willis
Co-author of The Devops Handbook and Beyond the Phoenix Project
SJ Technologies

John Willis is Vice President of Devops and Digital Practices at SJ Technologies. Prior to SJT, he was a Director at Docker, which he joined after the company he co-founded (SocketPlane) was acquired by Docker in February 2015. Previously, John was the Chief DevOps Evangelist at Dell, which he joined...Read more


Robert Woods is an agile community leader, requested industry speaker, published author, and mentor with a proven history of facilitating enterprise transformation while helping create and provide catered training and coaching for organizations consisting of culturally, generationally, and geographically diverse backgrounds. He's the creator of the CLEAR (Collaborative-Lean-Evolving-Adaptive-Reportable) principles for...Read more

Julie Wyman
Agile Coach
Excella Consulting

Julie Wyman is an agile coach with Excella Consulting. She is a Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) and IC-Agile Certified Professional in Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC) with eight years of experience in areas including agile software delivery, traditional project management, and client training. Julie has coached multiple globally distributed teams to deliver, while leveraging Scrum,...Read more

Stacey Yan
Capital One

As enterprise mobile program lead at Capital One, Stacey Yan spent the last four years building and scaling their mobile platform with her mobile team. They launched their native flagship servicing app two years ago and have been scaling it ever since, and it has won a number of awards,...Read more

Curtis Yanko

Curtis Yanko is director of strategy at Sonatype and a DevSecOps coach and evangelist. Prior to coming to Sonatype, Curtis started the DevOps Center of Enablement at a Fortune 100 insurance company and chaired an Open Source Governance Committee. When he isn’t working with customers and partners on how to...Read more

Robin Yeman
Lockheed Martin

Robin Yeman works for Lockheed Martin Space in Orlando as a Lockheed Martin Fellow. She has over twenty years of experience in systems engineering, software, and IT across multiple business areas, building everything from satellites to submarines. She has been actively supporting and leading agile programs at scale both domestically...Read more

Shahzad Zafar
VP, Engineering

Shahzad Zafar is the Vice President of Engineering at Rx Savings Solutions. Before joining Rx Savings Solutions in 2018, he worked at Cerner for 13 years, where he led the Cloud Platform development business unit while being an agile coach as well.. Shahzad has a degree in computer engineering from...Read more