Agile + DevOps East - Conference Speaker: Jared Speno

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Jared Speno

Sr Consultant, IT Applications
Nationwide Insurance
Jared Speno

As enterprises begin to adopt DevOps practices, there can be a tendency for these transformations to err in one of two ways. One model is where everything is driven locally by teams trying new concepts and tools in order to accelerate their delivery. Another model is where a very top-down program is initiated, driven by what leaders believe are the right things for teams to do. Jared Speno will show how Nationwide Insurance applied DevOps concepts at scale to accelerate delivery for the business. Learn how the organization created a structure and culture that empowers teams to own their journey while identifying areas where they can improve. You'll learn how to apply systems thinking to take local improvements and use them to optimize enterprise delivery capability, why it is necessary to treat the delivery pipeline as a product, and how to architect the pipeline for speed of delivery. You'll leave this talk with lessons learned from a successful DevOps implementation at a large company, as well as ideas for kickstarting your own initiative.