Agile + DevOps East 2018 Tutorial: Strategic Foundations for Scaling Agile

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018 - 1:00pm to 4:30pm

Strategic Foundations for Scaling Agile

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Are you a leader tasked with leading a digital transformation, or are you part of a guiding team that is preparing your organization for big change? Scaled agile, lean, agile, DevOps... No matter what methodology your organization intends to use, taking a proactive, strategic approach up front will provide a strong foundation for the journey ahead. Join Claudia Marquette and Francie Van Wirkus to learn why and how to use a proven inquiry strategy, designed to help you and your stakeholders assess the landscape of your organization, have productive discussions about your work, its current state and its ideal state, and your customers. When you better understand the flow of your work, and you understand all the customers who derive value from it, you can make smarter decisions about what is best for your organization. Leave with the ability to facilitate this inquiry process on your own, so you can help key stakeholders understand the type of transformation you need—or improve the one you have already started.


Francie Van Wurkus
AB2 Consulting

A conqueror of mediocrity, Francie Van Wirkus is a certified professional coach in the insurance and financial services industry, with an agile, lean, and sales focus. Her innovative ways of leading and sustaining change are helping lead a large IT transformation effort in a complex organization, where she is a SAFe 4.0 program consultant. She co-hosts the Agile Bettys podcast and is author of The Dominant Gene, the business novel series on leadership. Francie enjoys Ironman competitions, and lives in Wisconsin with her husband and three delightful children.

Claudia Marquette
AB2 Consulting

Agile coach and SAFe 4.0 program consultant Claudia Marquette guides IT leaders and professionals to transform how they work using agile and lean practices. She has deep expertise in what it takes to “go Agile” with experience as a SAFe release train engineer. Claudia designs the curriculum for an intensive, year-long leadership development program. Married with two wonderful boys, Claudia enjoys running marathons and long distance races, gardening, reading, and creating podcasts for Agile Bettys.