Agile + DevOps East 2018 Concurrent Session : Scaling the Product in an Agile World

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Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm

Scaling the Product in an Agile World

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In agile, most companies and teams associate “product” with the product owner role. While the product owner role is very important, how does this scale? How do you coordinate priorities across product owners, groups, and product lines? The product owner responsibilities are well-defined for how they interact with their team, but what about other product-related activities? Todd Olson will explore scaling the notion of product in agile organizations. He’ll look at the role beyond the product owner with a renewed focus on the profession of product management, which is often de-emphasized or forgotten in agile transformations. Using the Pragmatic Marketing framework and responsibility definitions as a backdrop, Todd will explore responsibilities like pricing and packaging, sales enablement, growth, investment decision-making, marketing communication, forecasting, and product expectations management. All these responsibilities and many more sit above team-level agile product ownership, and they are crucial for delivering customer value. Todd will expand your thinking of product in agility significantly, beyond the team into pragmatic operation in the real world.


Todd Olson

Todd Olson is co-founder and CEO of Pendo, a product cloud that helps product teams deliver software customers love. A three-time entrepreneur, Todd has experienced the highs and lows of running fast-growth technology companies. The inspiration for Pendo came as Todd led the product team at Rally. With no product usage data available, he struggled to decide which of the dozens of feature requests that hit his desk each week were worth the investment of time and capital. The company has since raised $56 million in venture capital, landed more than 500 customers and now employs 170 people across offices in Raleigh, San Francisco, New York and Yakum, Israel. It was named a Top 50 U.S. Startup by LinkedIn in 2017. Todd prides himself on his product background, and the knowledge, experience and empathy it lends to customers of Pendo. He frequently speaks at industry events on topics like Agile software development, product management, startup fundraising and entrepreneurship.