Agile + DevOps East 2018 Concurrent Session : No One Cares About Your Practices: A Modern Agile Approach

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Wednesday, November 7, 2018 - 11:30am to 12:30pm

No One Cares About Your Practices: A Modern Agile Approach

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Organizations often declare they are "going agile." This goal is misplaced, misguided, and just plain wrong. In fact, the agile community has become a cult of practice: Teams are too focused on the way to do things and making sure they are doing those methods correctly. We even turned agile into a proper noun so that we could more easily sell it. But what about the outcomes? This workshop will use the Modern Agile principles proposed by Joshua Kerievsky to walk some of those ideas back. The four principles—Make People Awesome, Deliver Value Continuously, Experiment & Learn Rapidly, and Make Safety a Prerequisite—will drive our exploration of what agile can mean today and how to put the focus back on outcomes. Bob Payne will focus on learning and continuous improvement to reach better business outcomes. Lean and agile can be critical tools to help achieve outcomes, but there are enough people focusing on how to use those tools. Let’s put the focus back on outcomes and help teams deliver more value for their customers.


Bob Payne

An early adopter of Extreme Programming, Scrum and SAFe, Bob Payne has worked exclusively as a Lean+Agile Transformation leader since 1999. He hosts the Agile Toolkit podcast and has produced more than 170 podcasts, recording a variety of industry leaders and agile practitioners. My consulting and training style is built on years of Lean+Agile experience, an MSEE in computer architectures for artificial intelligence, and having grown up working in my family’s restaurant, so you can expect a blend of technical excellence and customer service. Because of his interest in philanthropy, he founded the AgileDC conference, a “for-benefit” event put on by volunteers from the agile community where all proceeds go to charity.