Agile + DevOps East 2018 Tutorial: Introducing Docker and Kubernetes to your DevOps Toolchain

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Monday, November 5, 2018 - 8:30am to 4:30pm

Introducing Docker and Kubernetes to your DevOps Toolchain

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As organizations look to improve the speed with which they deliver software, they increasingly turn to microservices and infrastructure-as-code for software architecture and delivery techniques to help leverage value from their DevOps adoptions. Docker, an industry standard containerization tool, facilitates moving processes into isolated environments that can be frozen into images, with an ecosystem that helps developers across organizations build and share these containers. Kubernetes builds on these capabilities and allows a software team to break down their application into small, platform-agnostic components that can be stitched together to provide the complete application capability. Containers are easily shared through a CI/CD pipeline and reduce provisioning, deployment, and startup times, driving run and test cycle times down through Kubernetes orchestration. This allows software teams to use testing time more efficiently and minimizes the difference between environments. This full-day tutorial teaches practical DevOps techniques using both Docker and Kubernetes. You will learn critical DevOps concepts and techniques, including what containers are, why containers are critical to DevOps implementations, how to manage containers, how to network and share files and data between containers, and how to secure containers.

Note: Laptop required. Please download PuTTY to your laptop in advance of the class



Arjun is a senior consultant at Coveros. His development experience includes Java, Ruby, Python, and even Haskell. Over the past five years, Arjun has been deeply involved in the DevOps process, assisting organizations with both its adoption and implementation. He has been increasingly involved in software correctness, including coaching development teams on secure coding and developer-driven testing, pushing security practices farther left in the development lifecycle, and automating infrastructure. These past several years have seen a lot of work with Docker and Kubernetes to speed up and simplify value pipelines, as well as to simplify the orchestration and management of operational infrastructure and to enable microservices. Arjun is a certified instructor for ICAgile's Foundations of DevOps and several hands-on follow-up workshops on Docker, Kubernetes, and Jenkins Pipeline-as-Code.