Agile + DevOps East 2018 Leadership Summit Session: Lead Yourself First

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Friday, November 9, 2018 - 10:10am to 11:10am

Lead Yourself First

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Maya Angelou tells us if we know better, we do better. As leaders of technology professionals, it is our responsibility to know better so our teams, our customers, and our lives are better. Knowing “better” has never been more challenging – from exponential changes in technology to managing a multi-generational workforce – what constitutes “better” is a moving target. How do we keep up with the latest trends in DevOps while learning new policy requirements and still hitting our committed numbers… and attending every travel ball game our child plays?

“Lead Yourself First” is an honest discussion about the competing forces in your workplace and life. We will explore the challenges each of us faces and offer you a Leadership Cycle framework to understand where you are – so you know “better.”

We will drill deep into each of the dimensions of the Leadership Cycle to understand how to balance your emphasis on personal growth, relationships, business results, and new capabilities. We will learn how to follow the cycle ourselves and set the example for our teams, our peers, and our families. Intentional and honest leadership of yourself is the best way to know better and do better in today’s rapidly changing world.


Anne Hungate
Daring Systems

Anne Hungate is an IT executive with more than twenty years' experience. Experimenting with both engineering practices and organizational design, Anne determined that people and trust are the keys to better software, while facts and data link IT results to business value. Anne is the president of Daring Systems, a consultancy practice that helps clients improve their productivity and profitability by understanding their software delivery supply chain. Anne has presented at local and national conferences, sharing the lessons learned over two decades of transformation and delivery. Anne holds her DevOps Foundation, DevOps Test Engineer, and professional coaching certifications and has earned both CSQA and PMP designations.