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The STAREAST Virtual Attendee Experience

Can't make it out to Orlando? We've got you covered.

This is not just any virtual testing conference. You'll be able to solve existing testing roadblocks or tackle new challenges in the upcoming year with knowledge from our keynotes, sessions, industry technical presentations (ITPs), and live virtual training classes. Register for a free or paid pass and view the schedule below!

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Powerhouse Experts

Our virtual conference is filled with experts from leading companies—Dell, Netflix, Sony, State Farm, Northrop Grumman, and more!

Leading Industry Topics

From Test Automation and AI/ML to Security and the Cloud, you’ll learn ideas and strategies from leading experts and innovators.


We’re all busy (welcome to tech!), that’s why our virtual content will be available on-demand for six months after the conference.

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Wednesday, May 3

8:45 AM ET


Janna Loeffler

KEYNOTE | Quality Is Like Ogres

Ogres have layers. Quality has layers. We’ve seen this many times over in testing with the Testing Pyramid. However, whereas quality includes testing, it is not limited to testing. Quality layers build upon each other and provide information on the quality of not only our product but our processes. Each layer provides a different perspective on quality data so that informed decisions can be made. This helps drive continuous improvements of not only products but of our processes as well. Having a layered approach to quality helps build a culture of quality. When everyone has a clear understanding of the layers and how each person has an impact on quality then everyone involved with delivering software becomes responsible for delivering high-quality software. Join Janna as she discusses the different quality layers and how they can help improve quality at your organization.

10:00 AM ET


Júlio de Lima, Capco

KEYNOTE | Rest API Testing Strategies: Going Beyond Request and Response

During this keynote, Júlio will bring a view on how to define which techniques can be used to test Rest APIs and the context in which each of them can be used, in order to bring more efficiency in the definition of test plans and strategies. Júlio will mix knowledge exposition and demonstration of tools designed to help attendees get more insights and actionable steps to test this layer.

11:30 AM ET


AI, ML, and Data Science*

Leveraging Machine Learning & AI for Quality Assurance

David Dang, Zenergy Technologies


DevOps Transformation*

Why Your Digital Engineering Effort Will Not Produce the Results You Think

Suzette Johnson, Northrop Grumman & Robin Yeman, Catalyst Campus for Technology & Innovation


Industry Technical Presentation

Innovating @ The Speed of Imagination: Is Testing the Bottleneck?

Dr. Parag Doshi, Tricentis


Industry Technical Presentation

Stopping Software Erosion

Dr. Daniel Simon, Qt Group

12:30 PM ET

Break in the Expo - Play the Amazing Race Game

12:35 PM ET


Industry Technical Presentation

Boost Automation, Reduce Maintenance: Unleash the Power of UiPath Test Suite

Dr. Gerd Weishaar, UiPath and Debbie Yarosh, Finance of America Companies

1:30 PM ET


Test Strategy*

Delivering Quality with the Correct Strategy

Ariadna Trueba, Parser


DevOps Testing*

High Octane DevOps: Supercharged CI/CD Pipelines

Marc Jimenez & Prashant Patil, Dell Technologies


Industry Technical Presentation

Don't Let Poor Testing Strategies Compromise Your Quality

Michael O'Rourke, OpenText


Industry Technical Presentation

Generative AI and Autonomous Testing: The Future of Software Quality Engineering

Eddie Urenda, Hexaware


Industry Technical Presentation

Level Up Your Mobile Testing XP: The D&D Guide to Test Automation

Katie Kemper, Kobiton

2:45 PM ET


Test Automation*

A Journey to Better Automation with the Screenplay Pattern

Sarah Watkins, Q2



Integration of A11y Audits into Test Automation

Boris Wrubel,


Industry Technical Presentation

Application Coverage is the Quality Metric You Need

Kevin Parker, Appvance


Industry Technical Presentation

AI Enabled Test Management for Agile Teams

Saurabh Pisal, QMetry

3:45 PM ET

Break in the Expo - Play the Amazing Race Game

4:15 PM ET


Alison Wade
TechWell Corp.

KEYNOTE | Lightning Strikes the Keynotes

Throughout the years, Lightning Talks have been a popular part of the STAR conferences. If you’re not familiar with the concept, Lightning Talks consists of a series of five-minute talks by different speakers within one presentation period. Lightning Talks are the opportunity for speakers to deliver their single biggest bang-for-the-buck idea in a rapid-fire presentation. And now, lightning has struck the STAR keynotes. Some of the best-known experts in testing will step up to the podium and give you their best shot of lightning. Get multiple keynote presentations for the price of one—and have some fun at the same time.

Thursday, May 4

8:30 AM ET


Shivani Gaba, New Work SE

KEYNOTE | A Tester's Journey in the World of Machine Learning

Machine learning (ML) has become the epicenter of software in today’s era. Tremendous efforts are put into developing ML-based systems. Join Shivani as she shares her experience of testing ML-based applications without any prior experience. She’ll reflect on her motivation, challenges, learnings, and techniques to test such systems. Get to know how a tester's skill set, like product knowledge, attention to detail, thinking out of the box, and customer focus can be a game changer here. She’ll leave you with tips, tricks, and ideas on how to create an impact on quality in such projects.

9:45 AM ET


API Testing*

Automatic Canary Analysis: Critical Success Factor for Release Pipeline

Helena Song & Budhaditya Das, Netflix


Test Strategy*

Testing Hard-to-Test Devices Using Docker Containers

Gunjan Sharma, Sony Interactive Entertainment


Industry Technical Presentation

The Customer is Key: How Five Enterprises Use Continuous Testing

Dan Rabinovitz, and Ross Inman, Fidelity


Industry Technical Presentation

Mock, Sub, or Virtualize...Let's Shift Left

Corey Vernon, SmartBear


Industry Technical Presentation

How to Establish Effective Cross-Team Collaboration as Part of the QA Automation Effort

Sune Engsig, Leapwork

10:45 AM ET

Break in the Expo - Play the Amazing Race Game

11:15 AM ET


Career Development*

Blurring the Line Between Developer and QA

Earline Deutsch, SS&C


Test Transformation*

Building Something from Nothing: How Changes in the Healthcare Industry Kickstarted a Testing Revolution for Medicaid Agencies

Renee Taylor, State of Vermont


Industry Technical Presentation

Continuous Everything! Eight Continuous Testing Best Practices to Attain Your Continuous Delivery Goals

Martin Salgado, Broadcom

12:35 PM ET


Industry Technical Presentation

Autonomous Testing: A Load of Old bull or the Key to Getting Ship Done?

Todd Norton, Virtuoso

1:30 PM ET


Test Automation*

Successfully Converting Manual Test Teams into Test Automation Engineers



Industry Technical Presentation

Next-Gen QEaas: Harness the Power of AI/ML Driven Automation for 360-Degree CX

Vivek Kaushik, Cygnet Infotech


Industry Technical Presentation

MLOps: Testing and Deploying Machine Learning Models

Jeffery Payne, Coveros

2:30 PM ET

Break in the Expo - Play the Amazing Race Game

3:00 PM ET



Ukrainian Lessons Learned: How to Build Continuous Testing and Project Management from the Trenches

Maryna Didkovska, EPAM


Performance Testing*

Transformation to an Agile Based Performance Testing Model

Theron Melrose, State Farm Insurance Companies


Industry Technical Presentation

Exploring the Intersection of Generative AI and Software Testing: Challenges and Opportunities

Alejandro Stornelli, Globant

4:15 PM ET


Payson Hall, Catalysis Group, Inc.

KEYNOTE | Don't Be a Chump: Counters to Seven Common Negotiating Gambits

The movie “Rounders” has a scene at a poker table where the narrator says, “If you can't spot the sucker in the first half hour at the table, then you are the sucker.” If you find yourself negotiating with professionals and you have no formal training in negotiation, you are probably the sucker. Have you ever gone to buy a new car, agreed upon a firm price with the salesman, then found yourself paying hundreds or thousands more after he brought his manager in to “finalize the deal”? How did they do that? Car salesmen and their managers are professional negotiators. In this keynote, Payson will present tips to counter or defuse common negotiating tactics most of us will recognize from our own experience. Since many of us have limited formal training in negotiation, come and learn insightful, helpful, and immediately applicable techniques that can be applied in your daily personal or professional life. You will learn seven common negotiating gambits that skilled negotiators employ to gain an edge, then Payson will share the countermeasures to neutralize these so you can level the playing field and have a better chance of getting a fair deal.