STARCANADA 2017 Concurrent Session : Scale Your QA & Test: Testing with Multiple Teams in Large Agile Organizations

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Thursday, October 19, 2017 - 11:30am to 12:30pm

Scale Your QA & Test: Testing with Multiple Teams in Large Agile Organizations

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Agile practices are maturing, and more agile teams are making development and testing work in an effective way thanks to TDD, BDD, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment. However, there are many challenges still to conquer in agile practices, such as the lack of accountability for systems developed outside the team, environments with multiple teams where some teams practice agile and others do not, and organizations where testers are not well integrated into the team. Join Pablo Garcia Munos as he shares his experience testing in large agile organizations with ten teams or more. Pablo describes the ways he has successfully procured systems from external agile vendors, how the use of assessments such as Test Process Improvement (TPI) and metrics such as defect detection percentage (DDP) can help close the gaps in agile practices, and how those in QA and testing can be effective agents of change to help refine agile practices within their organizations.
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Pablo Garcia Munos started as a tester in 1996 for Ericsson. After passing through the roles of test manager, project manager, and program manager, he became a consultant with a focus on testing and QA. In the past twenty years of helping testing and development teams, he has had the opportunity to work in many industries, including banking, medical, telecom, automotive, and trading. Pablo has also trained others for fifteen years, including educating two hundred nurses in acceptance testing and being responsible for the first governmental test school ever run in Stockholm. Pablo has many certifications, but his real passion is minimizing waste by doing things right the first time.