STARCANADA 2017 Tutorial: Selenium Test Automation: From the Ground Up

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017 - 8:30am to 4:30pm

Selenium Test Automation: From the Ground Up

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Knowledge of Selenium, the industry-standard tool for testing web applications, is a much sought after skill in today’s world of test automation. If you want to learn Selenium, then this full-day tutorial provides a great start. Cheezy Morgan shows you how to build test automation using Selenium. But he doesn’t stop there. He uses his years of experience to show you how to build automation that is clean and easy to maintain. Cheezy introduces other tools that work with Selenium to help manage the data used to drive your tests, evaluate JavaScript-heavy applications, manage your test configuration, and make it very easy to run a single test across multiple—and even mobile—browsers. Finally, Cheezy talks about workflows for integrating this type of testing into your software development lifecycle. If you want to get started with Selenium automation, this is a great place to start.

The Selenium Tutorial is a hands-on workshop. If you plan to participate in the hands-on coding activities you will need to come prepared with a laptop that has the following software installed. The class will be run simultaneously in Java and Ruby so please pick the IDE corresponding to the language you wish to use.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Selenium Client Drivers

  • Please download the driver corresponding to the browser you wish to use. Once downloaded, they will simply need to be placed in your path. (

Chief technology officer and cofounder of LeanDog, Jeff “Cheezy” Morgan has been teaching classes and coaching teams on agile and lean techniques for twelve years. Most of his work has focused on the engineering practices used by developers and testers. For the past few years, he has experienced great success and received recognition for his work helping teams adopt acceptance test-driven development using Cucumber. Cheezy authored the book, Cucumber & Cheese, and several popular Ruby gems used by software testers.