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Aly Klidies

Sr. Marketing Product Manager
TechWell Corp.
Aly Klidies

Aly Klidies has worked in marketing and communications for over 16 years. She currently enjoys her role as the Sr. Marketing Product Manager of Events at TechWell in Jacksonville, Florida—where she gets to think of fun and creative ways to market the STAREAST, STARWEST, and EPIC Experience conferences to the software development community. Aly obtained her B.A. in English & Business at Florida State University and has a passion for "soft skills" with a focus on both personal and professional development. She is also a proud Navy wife and mother of 3 very spunky children. Some of her favorite hobbies include being an All-Star cheerleading team manager and throwing a good theme party. Follow Aly on Twitter or LinkedIn to stay connected to her adventures!