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Jason Arbon is the CEO at test.ai where his mission is to test all the worlds apps. Google’s AI investment arm lead test.ai’s latest funding round. Jason previously worked on several large-scale products: web search at Google and Bing, the web browsers Chrome and Internet Explorer,...Read more

Scott Barber
PerfTestPlus, Inc.

Chief performance evangelist, Scott Barber is a respected leader in the advancement of software testing practices, an industry activist, and load testing celebrity of sorts. Scott authored several books―Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications, Beautiful Testing, How to Reduce the Cost of Testing, and Web Load Testing for Dummies―and more than...Read more

Melissa Benua
Director of Engineering

Melissa Benua has worked in nearly every software development role—dev, test, DevOps, and program management—at companies big and small and somewhere in between. She's created and run high-availability, high-quality services for PlayFab, Bing, Cortana, and Xbox One, and now for mParticle's enormous data platform. Melissa discovered her love of massively...Read more

Jennifer Bonine
Cofounder & CEO
PinkLion AI

Jennifer Bonine is a well-known speaker, teacher, and trainer and has given keynote presentations at numerous testing, agile, and development conferences, both nationally and internationally. Jennifer’s belief is that we should do what we are passionate about, and to this end, she cofounded and is the CEO of Pink Lion AI, a...Read more

Marilou Canon
Quality Engineer

Marilou is a quality engineer at Dialexa who is focused on establishing and maintaining quality from both a project and team perspective. She ensures product, design, and engineering teams are aligned in a product’s vision, functionality, and user experience. Marilou is passionate about facilitating retrospectives, frequently exploring...Read more

Luis Casillas

Luis is passionate about delivering fast, secure, modern software solutions that help businesses and their customers experience the best service, at the highest quality, for the lowest total cost. For over 20 years, he’s brought this passion to industries like insurance, health care, and financial services in...Read more

Software Test Consultant
Quality Intelligence

Fiona Charles is an independent consultant, specialising in the human side of software development and projects: teaching organizations to manage their software testing risk, and IT practitioners project skills “beyond process”—hands-on practical skills essential to thrive and excel on any kind of software project. She consults with clients on testing...Read more

Jenna Charlton
Coveros, Inc.

Jenna Charlton has been a software tester for nearly a decade. In that time she’s focused on manual testing, taking a particular interest in web accessibility and usability. Jenna’s experience in testing runs the gamut from lone tester on a Scrum team to test lead on an enterprise-level project. Jenna’s...Read more

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Concurrent Sessions

Adam Cuppy
Partner & COO

Concurrent Sessions

Adam Cuppy is a partner and the chief operating officer of the Ruby on Rails, Node.js, and AngularJS consultancy Zeal. Since 2007, Adam and his partners have been deeply involved in open source web technologies that support rapid development, enterprise-class scalability, and community-driven security....Read more

Ocean Spray

Chemia Davis is an innovative leader focused on using Design Thinking and Agile Methodologies to bring about disruptive innovation at lightning speed. She has driven innovation at a variety of top CPG companies across her career including PepsiCo, Tyson Foods, Kraft Foods, and Morton Salt. She is currently the Senior...Read more

The Improv Effect

Sean Ely is a Second City Conservatory alumnus, regularly performing at 15 different theaters across the Midwest. He started his own videography business thanks to the experience he had working at Tribune Publishing for two years. He is also the co-founder of Number Six With Cheese, a comedy food review...Read more

Dawn Haynes
PerfTestPlus, Inc.

Dawn Haynes is CEO, testing coach, and consultant for PerfTestPlus, Inc. A highly regarded trainer of software testers, Dawn blends experience with a real-world view to provide testers with tools and techniques to help them generate new approaches to common and complex software testing problems. Passionate about improving the state...Read more


Brian Hicks is a software engineer, development manager, and technical architect with over 15 years of hands-on experience designing and developing software using core Java, web services, and related technologies in both the commercial and public sectors. He is also a Certified ScrumMaster® and has experience implementing agile processes, leading...Read more

VP, Quality and Customer Care

Karen Holiday is a motivated leader with a track record of developing both new and existing products through strategy and execution. Throughout her twenty-five-year career, she's had experience leading small, focused companies as well as large, complex, multi-function organizations in development, QA, services, and support. Karen is passionate about unraveling complexity...Read more

Leadership Coach and Learning & Development Consultant
Orenda Agency

Lia James is a leadership coach and learning and development consultant helping executives improve hiring strategies and skills development training to build more inclusive and productive teams. Through her extensive background in people development and personal branding, Lia helps professionals fine-tune their brands through storytelling and goal...Read more

Angie Jones
Senior Developer Advocate

Angie Jones is a Senior Developer Advocate who specializes in test automation strategies and techniques. She shares her wealth of knowledge by speaking and teaching at software conferences all over the world, writing tutorials and technical articles on angiejones.tech, and leading the online learning platform, Test Automation University....Read more

Blind Computer Accessibility

With the exception of one year in Brazil as a high school exchange student, Kevin Jones has called Madison, Wisconsin, home his entire life. With his computer science degree, Kevin worked to squash the Y2K bug with a local insurance company before gaining a degree in network security. He worked from...Read more


Byron Katz has been in love with computers since his father bought the family a Commodore 64. A degreed architect, he found his way back to software development in 2010, and his career has included roles as a quality assurance lead, a full-stack developer, consultant, and sales engineer. Byron has...Read more

Founder and CEO
Selftest IO
Tariq King is the founder and CEO of Selftest IO, a company on a mission to develop the next generation of systems and services with intrinsic self-testing properties. Tariq has over 15 years' experience in software testing research and practice and has held positions as a test architect, engineering manager, director, and...Read more
Aly Klidies
Sr. Marketing Product Manager
TechWell Corp.

Aly Klidies has worked in marketing and communications for over 16 years. She currently enjoys her role as the Sr. Marketing Product Manager of Events at TechWell in Jacksonville, Florida—where she gets to think of fun and creative ways to market the STAREAST, STARWEST, and EPIC Experience conferences to the...Read more

Cultivated Management

Rob Lambert is on a mission to make management more interesting, rewarding, and fun. It's an uphill struggle. Rob started his career as a software tester, became an engineering manager, and then made the logical move sideways to HR, before setting up his own management consulting company. When he's not...Read more

CEO and Founder
Def Method

Joe Leo is the CEO and founder of Def Method and coauthor of The Well-Grounded Rubyist, 3rd Edition. Joe brings his mix of engineering muscle, business acumen, enthusiasm for challenges, and technical leadership to the helm of Def Method. Before founding Def Method, Joe spent over a...Read more

Upland InGenius

An Automation Architect at Upland InGenius, Chris Loder is an automation enthusiast to the core. His passion and experience help companies reduce regression time and improve overall software quality. With over two decades of automation experience, he designs and implements automation frameworks with his team of automation developers. Chris is...Read more

8th Light

Pat Maddox developed one of the first revenue-generating Ruby on Rails websites in the world—a poker training tool—and has been helping teams to deliver quality software ever since. After helping numerous media startups create scalable Rails applications, he worked with Pivotal’s team to train others in their strong XP culture....Read more


Andrew Maier is an independent public interest designer who works with government agencies to mature their design practices. He is also a professor, teaching human-machine interaction and usability testing as part of the Maryland Institute College of Art’s master’s in UX design program. Andrew is...Read more

Nicole Mason
Director of Marketing Strategy

Nicole Mason is the director of marketing strategy at Macy’s Inc. In this role, she is responsible for the development and implementation of an integrated marketing strategy rooted in acquisition and retention specifically for Macy’s innovation efforts. In 2012, Nicole led cross-functional teams in developing the first-ever...Read more

Kristoffer Nordström
Northern Test Consulting AB

Kristoffer Nordström is a test developer who has worked with telecommunications systems, distributed compilers, cloud technology, smartphone OS development, embedded systems, and much more. As a testing devotee and a member of the context-driven test community, with his own company Kristoffer consults and teaches the course Python for Testers because...Read more

Jeff Payne
CEO and Founder

Jeffery Payne is CEO and founder of Coveros, Inc., a consulting company that helps organizations accelerate delivery using agile methods. Since its inception in 2008, Coveros has become a market leader in agile and DevOps engineering while being recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies...Read more

Peerless Partners

Cindy's passion is helping companies solve complex challenges at the confluence of operational effectiveness, change management, and organizational transformation. Cindy specializes in digital transformation, organizational agility (both big and small A), and increasing employee engagement. Cindy helps companies solve complex, unstructured problems, co-creates solutions, and works side...Read more

Director of Quality

Archana Rajan has been advocating for and improving software quality since 2008 and is currently the Director of Quality at Financeit. She believes that every project should start from a place of curiosity and has found her fit in a role that allows her to question relentlessly. Archana's distaste for...Read more


A world-renowned hugger, community instigator, and CEO, Jim Remsik has spent decades building and integrating teams of creative and technical people. Utilizing his high school diploma Jim has applied lessons learned from a winding route to the industry which included apprenticing at a printing company, wedding photography, and driving a...Read more

Compendium Developments

Alan Richardson is a software development and test consultant who helps teams improve their approach to agile development. Alan is the author of four books and several online training courses, as well as the programmer of the digital marketing tool Chatterscan.com and various other testing support and training...Read more

Ryan Ripley
Agile Coach
Independent Consultant

For the past ten years Ryan Ripley has worked on agile teams in development, ScrumMaster, and management roles. He’s worked at various Fortune 500 companies in the medical device, wholesale, and financial services industries. Ryan is great at taking tests and holds the PMI-ACP, PSM I, PSM II, PSE, PSPO...Read more

Jennifer Robison
Senior Software Engineer

Jennifer Robison is a senior software engineer who began a journey into agile practices nine years ago, after more than a decade in a more traditional waterfall model. She now practices daily pair programming, test-driven development, continuous integration, and iterative delivery. She has a passion for sharing...Read more


Dr. Jeremias Rößler has a PhD in Computer Science fromSaarland University and more than 10 years of experience as a software developer and tester — is the founder and CEO of retest, a German-based-startup that brings AI to test automation. His refreshingly unusual approach to test automation (difference testing)...Read more

Principle Consultant
AmiBug.Com, Inc.

Rob Sabourin has more than thirty-five years of management experience leading teams of software development professionals. A highly-respected member of the software engineering community, Rob has managed, trained, mentored, and coached hundreds of top professionals in the field. He frequently speaks at conferences and writes on software engineering, SQA, testing,...Read more

Director of Test and Automation

Concurrent Sessions

Max Saperstone has been working as a Software and Test Engineer for over a decade, with a focus on Test Automation within the CI/CD process. He specializes in open source tools, including the Selenium Tool Suite, JMeter, AutoIT, Cucumber, and Chef. Max is the Director of Test and Automation at...Read more

Jonan Scheffler
Developer Advocate

Jonan Scheffler is a developer advocate with a long history of breaking things in public and occasionally putting them back together again. His interest in physical computing often leads him to experiment with robotics and microelectronics, though his professional experience is more closely tied to cloud...Read more

SolutionsIQ an Accenture Company

Billie Schuttpelz is known for shortening feedback loops across silos and redesigning large, complex ecosystems. Her lean-agile perspective gained over a twenty-year career, including engagements in five countries, has enabled Fortune 10 enterprises to deliver to market faster, design connected vehicle systems, enable customer order to deliver cycles, and lean...Read more

Jessie Shternshus
The Improv Effect

Owner and founder of The Improv Effect, Jessie Shternshus helps individuals and businesses reach their full potential through interpersonal-communication skills improvement, leadership training, and agile/executive coaching. Jessie has been a key player in internal culture transformations for global companies. Her clients include executives from Netflix, Crayola, Groupon, Skype, Adecco, Capital...Read more

Daniel Slatton
Senior Manager of Quality Engineering

Daniel Slatton spent the first five years of his adult life in the back of a van, playing drums for and managing a band on tours across the United States. Now a senior manager of quality engineering at Dialexa, Daniel seeks to apply what he learned in...Read more


Coveros' Executive Vice President of Training Mike Sowers has more than twenty-five years of practical experience as a global leader of internationally distributed test teams across multiple industries. Mike is a senior leader, skilled in working with both large and small organizations to improve their software development, testing, and delivery approaches....Read more

Tom Stiehm
Coveros, Inc.

Tom Steihm has been developing applications and managing software development teams for over twenty years. As CTO of Coveros, he is responsible for the oversight of all technical projects and integrating new technologies and testing practices into software development projects. Recently he has been focusing on how to incorporate DevSecOps...Read more

Raj Subrameyer
Principal Consultant
ChaiLatte Consulting

Raj Subrameyer is an international keynote speaker, writer and tech career coach who helps people step into the leadership role of their dreams through his services and speeches. He is helping countless people to discover their zone of genius and leverage it to live the life that they love. On...Read more

Aristocrat Technologies

Jim Trentadue has more than twenty years of experience as a coordinator and manager in the software testing field. In his various career roles in testing, Jim has focused on test execution, automation, management, environment management, standards deployment, and test tool implementation. In the area of offshore testing, Jim has worked...Read more

Zeger Van Hese

Born and raised in Belgium, Zeger Van Hese has a background in Commercial Engineering and Cultural Science. He started his professional career in the movie distribution industry but switched to IT in 1999. A year later he was bitten by the software testing bug and has not been cured since....Read more

Peerless Partners

Janel has built, managed, and evolved over 20 product organizations. She does this by serving as a product coach helping executives, product managers, and cross-functional teams adopt user-centered, hypothesis-driven product development practices. She works with companies of all sizes on integrating user research and testing, experimentation and...Read more