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Group Concierge Program

Bringing a Group of 6 or More? Take Advantage of Our Group Concierge Program!


What is the Group Concierge Program?

The EPIC Experience Group Concierge Program is available as a free service to groups of 6 or more and provides guided conference program assistance that is tailored to the specific needs of your team. Simply send your group's request to participate in the Group Concierge Program to our client support team. Once we receive your request, we will ask you to complete an information sheet that will help our topical experts guide you throughout your conference experience. 

What Does the Group Concierge Program Offer?

  • A 30 minute pre-conference consultation call (at least 2 weeks before the conference), providing customized guidance to help your group get the most out of the conference. Based on the info your group provides in the Group Concierge Program Information Sheet, your Concierge will help your group develop a customized schedule of the program talks most suited to meet your group's goals and objectives.
  • A 15 minute onsite "meet and greet" with your Concierge and a TechWell Events Community leader to recap your group’s customized schedule and address any on-site questions or concerns—all to ensure your group gets the most out of your time at the conference.
  • A 1-hour couch session onsite with the appropriate subject matter expert for your group. Bring your most pressing questions and get some ingenious solutions, sound advice, and free consulting!
  • A 1-hour post conference follow up call (usually held 3-4 weeks after the conference).

Who are the Concierges?

Concierges may be speakers or program committee members at the conference, all with years of industry experience in agile testing, automation, DevOps, AI/ML, and more. Your concierge is assigned based on the needs identified in your Group Concierge Program Information Sheet.

My group has already registered. How do we participate in the Group Concierge Program?

Contact our client support team at least 3 weeks prior to the conference to complete a Group Concierge Program Information Sheet and get paired with one of our Concierges.

Why Should You Bring Your Team to EPIC Experience?

The EPIC Experience program committee put a lot of thought into ensuring the tutorials and concurrent sessions appeal to a mix of all skill levels in different roles such as leaders vs. team members, beginners vs. experienced practitioners, agile coaches vs. testers vs. DevOps engineers. Which means, your entire team can attend EPIC Experience and find something in each time slot helpful to their job role. There's also an entire track of collaborative couch sessions to focus on discussions with peers and experts. Both the couch sessions and networking events provide ample opportunities to talk about your team's issues and find out how other delegates and experts have solved it (or what they tried that didn't work). Plus, groups of 3-5 can save 10% , while groups of 6 or more can save 20% conference registration fees—in addition to Super Early Bird or Early Bird pricing!


Team members just starting out with testing can learn:



Teams that have a little more experience can explore:


  • Basic agile testing principles, processes and strategies
  • Continuous testing and test automation
  • Testing in DevOps and DevSecOps environments
  • AI/ML in the agile world
  • Sprint planning techniques
  • Test leadership strategies for agile teams
  • A variety of agile testing tools—including their benefits and risks
  • Continuous Integration/Development
  • Scrum/Kanban strategies
  • Ways to boost your company's agility and performance
  • Automation techniques and frameworks
  • Agile Transformation
  • Critical thinking skills for agile testers
  • Automation tools and services


Motivate and expand the expertise of your team collectively at EPIC Experience.