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BrowserStack is the world's largest software testing platform powering over two million tests every day across 10 global data centers. We help Microsoft, Twitter, Barclays, Expedia and over 25,000 customers deliver quality software at speed by moving testing to our Cloud. Our platform provides instant access to 2,000+ real mobile devices and browsers on a highly reliable cloud infrastructure that effortlessly scales as testing needs grow. With BrowserStack, Dev and QA teams can move fast while delivering an amazing experience for every customer. 

Founded in 2011, BrowserStack is a privately held company backed by Accel with offices in San Francisco, Mumbai and Dublin. For more information, visit http://www.browserstack.com

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HeadSpin is the world’s first Connected Intelligence Platform™ that provides Web, Mobile, IoT, and 5G solutions to unify testing, monitoring, and analytics across applications, devices, and networks. HeadSpin empowers development, QA, operations, and product teams to optimize connected experiences and ensure digital business success. Learn more at www.headspin.io.

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The future is here and PinkLion has unleashed the powerful benefits gained by leveraging artificial intelligence with machine learning. Businesses can pull more comprehensive customer feedback/reviews and effectively prioritize their testing efforts accordingly. These solutions help place technology teams in the driver's seat to recommend impactful changes for both their organizations and customers alike. PinkLion partnered with test.ai to help enterprises automate core user experiences. QA teams everywhere are now able to release quality software faster than ever before. Co-Founders and recognized industry experts, Jennifer Bonine (CEO), Rick Faulise (COO) and Andrew Birkholz (CTO) are leading their new company with a combined total of over 55+ years DevTest experience. Together, they believe humans + AI + process = exceptional software.

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Xray is the #1 Manual & Automated Test Management App for Quality Assurance in Jira. Developed by Xpand IT, a Platinum Atlassian Solution Partner, it’s a full-featured tool that lives inside and seamlessly integrates with Jira. Its aim is to help companies improve the quality of their products through effective and efficient testing. They can plan, execute and track their testing with full requirements traceability. With over 4000 customers in 75+ countries, Xray is the fastest growing app for Jira. Discover the future of testing in Jira today! getxray.app 

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ASTQB logo

ASTQB is the official U.S. board for ISTQB, the world's most popular software testing certification. Take advantage of ASTQB's high quality exams so you can appear on both the Official U.S. List of Certified Testers as well as the ISTQB.org successful candidate registry. Enjoy ASTQB's extra benefits, including our exclusive global Mobile testing certification, IQBBA business analyst certification, free testing resources, free Advanced Level exam retake offer, and a community of U.S. employers that look to ASTQB for the top software testing professionals. Learn more now at ASTQB.org.

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Functionize is an intelligent software testing platform for teams of all sizes and skill sets that combines the power of human insights with machine learning and other AI-based technologies to dramatically reduce the time and cost spent in testing while accelerating product releases. By making plain English the new language of testing Functionize reconnects product teams, developers, and quality engineers. Tests take minutes to create, need no finessing to work cross-platform, and self-heal when you update your UI. This allows your whole team to focus on delivering bug-free software faster, more efficiently, and cheaper. functionize.com

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Kobiton logo

Kobiton is a cloud based mobile app testing platform allowing users to quickly and easily run manual and automated tests against real Android and iOS devices. Our platform gives testers and DevOps teams access to real devices they want and the ability to manage ones they own. Kobiton is simple to use, easy to access remotely, and has flexible pricing packages to meet your testing and budgetary needs. With auto-generated, centralized test data, Kobiton makes mobile testing on real devices faster and more collaborative, helping teams identify and resolve errors sooner for quicker time to market and reduced app abandonment. kobiton.com


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Mabl Logo

mabl is the most reliable codeless UI testing service available. While software teams have increased their development velocity through continuous delivery and DevOps, UI tests have continued to be brittle, flakey, and expensive to write. mabl enables continuous testing with an auto-healing automation framework and maintenance-free test infrastructure. mabl advances traditional UI testing using proprietary machine learning models to automatically identify application issues, including javascript errors, visual regressions, broken links, increased latency, and more. mabl.com

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Mobile Labs

Mobile Labs remains the leading supplier of in-house mobile device clouds that connect remote, shared mobile devices to Global 2000 mobile web, gaming, and app engineering teams. Its patented GigaFox™ is offered on-premises or hosted, and solves mobile device sharing and management challenges during development, debugging, manual testing, and automated testing. A pre-installed and pre-configured Appium server provides "instant on" Appium test automation. GigaFox enables scheduling, collaboration, user management, security, mobile DevOps, and continuous automated testing for teams spread across the globe and can connect cloud devices to an industry-leading number of third-party tools. For more information please visit mobilelabsinc.com

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Perfecto is a cloud-based platform for web, mobile and IoT software testing, empowering enterprises with the tools needed to deliver better digital experiences. Perfecto’s users can automate continuous testing throughout the DevOps cycle, using a test lab comprised of real browsers, smart phones and devices under real end-user conditions. More than 3,000 customers, including the top global enterprises across the banking, retail, telecommunications, hospitality and media industries rely on Perfecto to help meet user expectations, boost brand reputations, and establish loyal customers. For more information about Perfecto, visit perfecto.io, join our community.

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Applitools logo

At Applitools, we’re on a mission to help test automation, DevOps, and software engineering teams release mobile and web apps that are visually perfect. We provide the only commercial-grade, visual AI-based test cloud that instantly validates any application’s user interface in a fully automated manner, across all customer engagement points and digital platforms -- using our ground-breaking image processing stack that we developed from scratch in-house.


We launched in 2015 and currently have 300+ paying customers around the globe, including Fortune-100 companies in software, banking, retail, insurance, and pharmaceuticals. For more information: applitools.com

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Coveros logo

Coveros helps organizations accelerate and improve software development and delivery through consulting, training, and coaching. Specializing in agile, DevOps, and security capabilities, Coveros leverages experience and expertise to help our clients build, test, secure, and deliver superior software. Coveros also offers open source software tools SecureCI and Selenified, which help speed up and secure the agile delivery process. Learn more at Coveros.com

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Inflectra is a privately held software company dedicated to making the best software testing, agile project management and automated testing tools that meet the needs of developers, testers, and planners everywhere. We are the team behind SpiraTestSpiraTeam and Rapise and are passionate about our craft. Our legendary customer support will go the extra mile to help you and your team build your next big thing. We are headquartered in the metropolitan Washington, DC area.

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Unleashing the power of machine learning to solve the hardest, most important, and previously unsolved problems in end-to-end (E2E) QA testing, ProdPerfect is the only autonomous E2E regression testing solution on the market that continuously identifies, creates, maintains, and evolves E2E test suites via data-driven, machine-led analysis of anonymous live user traffic. It is a fully-managed testing solution that addresses insufficient test coverage which causes critical and costly bugs in production; removes the burden that consumes massive engineering resources; and eliminates long test suite runtimes that slow deployments and decrease developer velocity. prodperfect.com

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SmartBear Logo

SmartBear is behind the software that empowers developers, testers, and operations engineers at over 20,000 of the world’s most innovative organizations including Adobe, JetBlue, MasterCard, and Microsoft. More than 6 million people use our tools to build, test, and monitor great software, faster. Our high-impact tools are easy to try, easy to buy, and easy to use. These tools are backed by a team of people passionate about helping you create software that transforms our world. Those tools are SmartBear tools. That team is SmartBear. For more information, visit: http://smartbear.com, or follow us on LinkedInTwitter, or Facebook.

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V-cubed Solutions

V-cubed Solutions is a technology – intensive company addressing the complexity paradigm for software verification and validation testing with multiple automated tools to support the complete V-curve software development process.  V-cubed Solutions name is driven from the verification, validation at a value with proven expertise across multiple industries such as automotive, finance, energy, avionics and railway. Being an accredited service and tool provider allows V-cubed Solutions to be a total quality solution.  V-cubed Solutions paired with a “shift left” mentality has a proven record of decreasing costs (resource and time) while increasing quality and revenue. v-cubed.net

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ZAPTEST Inc. logo

ZAPTEST can automate testing against any GUI based application in any environment on Mobile; Web or Desktop. It allows you to streamline test automation by creating test scripts against live applications and mock-ups, auto-generate test documentation, and run scripts on all test environments at once; ideal for any Agile; DevOps; CI/CD development oriented testing. ZAPFARM offers Private cloud for distributed Mobile and conventional devices and workstations, where you can use it for manual or automated testing. ZAPTEST & ZAPFARM execute in parallel on any test environment at once, and therefore allow you to meet any schedule and budget resulting in increased testing ROI! zaptest.com

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ACM Queue logo

Acmqueue provides a critical perspective on current and emerging information technologies, highlighting the technical challenges and problems that software engineers are likely to encounter when using them. In doing so, Queue helps readers sharpen their own thinking and pursue innovative solutions in their own work.

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AgileConnection logo

AgileConnection has today’s best agile ideas and how-to advice on the latest agile development and methodology practices. AgileConnection provides weekly articles from industry experts, as well as interviews with thought leaders, searchable tools and books guides, Q&A, the complete Better Software magazine archive, and access to past conference presentations. AgileConnection.com

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CIO Applications magazine stands out with its unique approach to learning from industry leaders offering professionals the most comprehensive collection of technology trends. CIO Applications is enabling the businesses to move a step ahead and guiding them towards adopting the best in technology that can assist them in providing seamless and convenient solutions for enhanced customer experience.

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CIO Review

CIOReview is a technology magazine that talks about the enterprise solutions that can redefine the business goals of enterprises tomorrow. It is the leading source that shares innovative enterprise solutions developed by established solutions providers, upcoming hot enterprises and is a neutral source for technology decision makers. Published from Fremont, California, CIOReview is an excellent platform for the enterprise to showcase their innovative solutions. 

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The Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ) is an IT leadership group that develops standards for automating software measurement. CISQ was co-founded by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University and the Object Management Group (OMG), a technology standards consortium. CISQ has published standards for measuring software size, structural quality, and technical debt. The standards written by CISQ enable IT and business leaders to measure the risk IT applications pose to the business, as well as estimate the cost of ownership. 

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SD Times logo

Software Development Times® is the leading magazine covering the software development industry. SD Times is available in print and digitally. It may also be read at SDTimes.com. SD Times (circulation: 70,000) carries more advertising pages than any other development publication and regularly covers software QA and test, agile and ALM development, software security, mobile and cloud-based development and much more. Subscribe free at sdtimes.com.

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Stickyminds.com logo

StickyMinds.com is the most comprehensive online resource for helping you produce better software. StickyMinds offers an unrivaled scope of original articles from industry experts, as well as interviews with thought leaders, searchable tools and books guides, Q&A, the complete Better Software magazine archive, and access to past conference presentations. StickyMinds.com

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Tech Beacon

TechBeacon is a digital hub for dev and tech professionals seeking guidance to real business challenges. Focusing on information that really matters for competing effectively in business without compromising on editorial integrity. Our editorial mission is simple: to connect our readers to the leading experts who understand what it takes to succeed. Staying ahead of the trends and navigating emerging technology while maintaining focus on what's needed to be successful now is not always a straightforward path. TechBeacon shines a light on those who are doing it right and those who are solving today's most challenging problems to shape the future of IT.

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