Agile + DevOps West 2023 Keynote : Humanizing Work

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Wednesday, June 7, 2023 - 1:45pm to 2:45pm

Humanizing Work

Is your favorite flavor of agility resulting in process over people? Is your contribution mired in person hours that inevitably turn into mythical person months? Are human efforts in heroic zeros and ones measured in seemingly pointless (story) points instead of customer, business, and employee value (ROI)? What began as a technology revolution has devolved into frameworks and processes that focus solely on mindless over mindful measuring, tracking, and projecting. And while many organizations find initial success that generates interest and demand for scaling agile and digital transformations, even more common is the ultimate disappointment in not achieving the desired outcomes promised by even the most well-intentioned technologists. However, not all is lost. If we just look to our past we find evidence of achieving the outcomes we hope to see in our futures, both for organizations and as individuals. In today’s business landscape modern work is often misunderstood, applying archaic approaches and mandating standards based on a world that no longer exists. To effectively navigate where it’s going, being ready requires the often undervalued human skills of observation, adaptation, and evolution. Modern agility requires focus on modern humanity. Are you human? So are we! Join us as we investigate historical and scientific foundations to approach humanizing work.

Director of CX Enablement

Charlotte Chang is a Experience Director with nearly 20 years of experience in technology and product strategy. She enjoys working with executives, managers, and teams to create Systems of Compassion that provide a sustainable, humane, inclusive experience for all contributors throughout product development. Recently, her experience has focused on launching new products, marketing and brand management, and designing change within organizations. Previously, she has worked with companies across multiple countries, industries, and company sizes, performing every role on a delivery team: iteration manager, product designer, user experience, business analyst, developer, and tester. Ok…time for two truths and a lie: Charlotte’s work was featured in the New York Times, Charlotte has two cats, or Charlotte enjoys a quality high five. Come to a session to discover the truth!

Jariatu Mansaray
Black Tech Columbus

Jariatu Mansaray is a people-focused Product coach at Industrial Logic with a passion for empowering teams and driving results. She specializes in process operations and change facilitation among dynamic organizations. As a co-founder and the Executive Director of Black Tech Columbus, she is focused on creating community and job and career advancement opportunities for minorities in the Central Ohio technology community. As an agile coach and product consultant with a background in chemical engineering and trauma-informed counseling, Jariatu began her career in technology focused on finding and implementing outside-of-the-box solutions for organizations of all sizes. From training startups in cloud technology to managing cybersecurity programs for one of the country’s largest financial institutions, she is focused on using Agile methodologies to ensure effective outcomes. When she isn’t working, she spends her time trying new restaurants and traveling with family and friends.