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The Agile + DevOps West Virtual Attendee Experience

Can't make it out to Las Vegas? We've got you covered.

This is not just any virtual software development conference. You'll be able to solve existing dev roadblocks or tackle new challenges in the upcoming year with knowledge from our keynotes, sessions, industry technical presentations (ITPs), and live virtual training classes. Register and view the virtual schedule below!

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Powerhouse Experts

Our virtual conference is filled with experts from leading companies—Fidelity Investments, Microsoft, Disney, Spotify, CGI Federal, and others.

Leading Industry Topics

From Agile Practices and Development & Testing to DevOps Practices and Teams & Leadership, you’ll learn ideas and strategies from leading experts and innovators.


We’re all busy (welcome to tech!), that’s why our virtual content will be available on-demand for six months after the conference.

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Wednesday, June 7

8:45 AM PT


Tapabrata "Topo" Pal
Fidelity Investments

KEYNOTE | DevOps From Large Enterprises' POV

It’s been more than 10 years since the term DevOps has become popular. As of today, there is probably not a single IT organization who has not embraced DevOps in some form or fashion. Most organizations have roles, teams, and departments that have the name DevOps in them. DevOps is no longer a “cool thing” that applies to only “tech companies.” Why is it that we are still talking about it? Because we still have challenges. Most of us have not yet “figured it out.” Every DevOps transformation is unique and there is no one size fits all, yet there are some common themes. In this keynote, Topo will present the challenges that large enterprises have faced in embracing DevOps over the past decade, and even today. Topo will explore some potential pit falls and possible ways to get around them, and will also discuss some major problems that still exist and what the industry is doing to solve these.

10:30 AM PT


Agile Practices*

Everyone...Is An Agile Coach

Bob Galen, Zenergy Technologies


DevOps Practices*

The Art of Defensive Programming

Joylynn Kirui, Microsoft


Industry Technical Presentation

Turn Chaos into Payoff: Future-Proofing DevOps Strategies with VSM

Michael O'Rourke, OpenText


Industry Technical Presentation

Software Quality & Testing Based on End User Experience (EUX)

Steve M. Barreto, Keysight

11:45 AM PT


Agile/DevOps Transformations*

Three Steps to Digital Transformation

Brandon Carlson, Lean TECHniques


Agile Development & Testing*

You Want to Test What in the Build Pipeline? How to Move Integration, E2E, and Other Large Tests Reliably into the CI/CD Pipeline

John Jenkins, Disney

12:45 PM PT

Break in the Expo - Play the Amazing Race Game

1:45 PM PT


Charlotte Chang
Director of CX Enablement
Jariatu Mansaray
Black Tech Columbus

KEYNOTE | Humanizing Work

Is your favorite flavor of agility resulting in process over people? Is your contribution mired in person hours that inevitably turn into mythical person months? Are human efforts in heroic zeros and ones measured in seemingly pointless (story) points instead of customer, business, and employee value (ROI)? What began as a technology revolution has devolved into frameworks and processes that focus solely on mindless over mindful measuring, tracking, and projecting. And while many organizations find initial success that generates interest and demand for scaling agile and digital transformations, even more common is the ultimate disappointment in not achieving the desired outcomes promised by even the most well-intentioned technologists. However, not all is lost. If we just look to our past we find evidence of achieving the outcomes we hope to see in our futures, both for organizations and as individuals. In today’s business landscape modern work is often misunderstood, applying archaic approaches and mandating standards based on a world that no longer exists. To effectively navigate where it’s going, being ready requires the often undervalued human skills of observation, adaptation, and evolution. Modern agility requires focus on modern humanity. Are you human? So are we! Join us as we investigate historical and scientific foundations to approach humanizing work.

3:00 PM PT


Agile/DevOps Teams & Leadership*

Rethinking Career Development

Kimberley Miller, Spotify


Tools & Automation*

Empowering DevOps with OpenAI

Paul Klinker, ManTech


Industry Technical Presentation

Don't Forget the Database

Steve Jones, Redgate Software

4:00 PM PT

Break in the Expo - Play the Amazing Race Game

4:30 PM PT


Jason Yip
Reinvention Cycle LLC

KEYNOTE | "We're in it Together" and Other Perspectives on Effective Product Development Cultures (Circa 2023)

Have you watched those Spotify engineering culture videos? They were trendy and influential in the agile community but that was around nine years ago. What might we say about effective product development culture today? In this keynote, Jason Yip will share a summary of 2023-era effective product development culture based on his eight years at Spotify and 14 years at ThoughtWorks. This will include core beliefs, guiding principles, and core practices. Which ones will align with what you see at your workplace? Which ones will highlight opportunities for improvement? This keynote is not to encourage copying something that will become obsolete in another nine years, but instead to share an example of reflecting on effective product development culture to hopefully encourage your own ongoing reflection and improvement.

Thursday, June 8

8:45 AM PT


Melissa Boggs, Melissa Boggs Speaking & Consulting

KEYNOTE | The Truth About Agile

Do you need to breathe new life into agile principles in your organization? In 2001, 17 leaders in the software development industry came together to create the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. Today, 30 fifteen year olds in Denver, CO, are tackling their English homework according to the four values and 12 principles that these leaders outlined. The agile movement started spontaneously at precisely the right moment, as the pace of change in the world was accelerating exponentially. But how did agile principles used in software development end up in public high school? If you’ve been in the industry for any time, you’ve heard the word “agile” thrown around a time or two. Perhaps you’ve been part of an “agile transformation” or attended a certification course for scrum or kanban. In the 20 years since the Manifesto for Agile Software Development was drafted, “agile” has taken on a life of its own. But what is “agile” really, and what does it mean for you? Is it story points and two week deadlines? Is it kumbaya and “soft skills”? First, we’ll get into some fundamental truths and real talk about what it means to be agile in today’s changing world. Then, book-ended by the story of 30 fifteen year olds in an agile classroom in Denver, we’ll reactivate the 12 agile principles and inspire you to create a new experience for yourself and others.

10:00 AM PT


Agile Practices*

Balancing Agile and Cybersecurity Implementation

Teri Musick, CGI Federal, Inc.


Agile Development & Testing*

Collaborating Effectively as a Tester to Anticipate Defects in Code Review

Júlio de Lima, Capco


Industry Technical Presentation

AI and the Future of Coding

Christopher Harrison, GitHub


Industry Technical Presentation

MLOps: Testing and Deploying Machine Learning Models and AI Models

Jeffery Payne, Coveros


Industry Technical Presentation

Build a Faster End-to-End Continuous Testing Feedback Loop

Joe Lust, mabl

11:00 AM PT

Break in the Expo - Play the Amazing Race Game

11:30 AM PT


Agile/DevOps Transformations*

Scaling Agile and DevOps Capabilities

Dr. Tawanna Sargent, Agile Private Investments, LLC


DevOps Practices*

The Fast Lane: Security at the Speed of Agility

Robert Woods, Scrum, Inc.


Tools & Automation*

Migrating Healthcare Data for all 50 States

Dan Reale, Dun & Bradstreet


Industry Technical Presentation

Boosting Business Agility with Value Stream and Scaled Agile Strategies

Sriram Rajagopalan, Inflectra

12:30 PM PT

Break in the Expo - Play the Amazing Race Game

1:30 PM PT


Agile Practices*

Using Neuroscience to Boost Your (Scrum) Events

Evelien Acun-Roos, Xebia Academy


DevOps Practices*

Continuous Build and Other DevOps Anti-Patterns and How to Overcome Them

Tom Stiehm, Coveros