Agile + DevOps West 2023 Concurrent Session : Avoiding the Chaos of an Agile Transformation

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Wednesday, June 7, 2023 - 10:30am to 11:30am

Avoiding the Chaos of an Agile Transformation

Agile is not a fairy tale. You have to face real life challenges and be well prepared in order to succeed. The reality is the bigger and older your organization is, the more difficult it is to pass through process level changes and that's when chaos is born. Resolving all the issues with chaos could potentially take years. In this session, Peter will share his story of one of his projects where he had to face numerous obstacles as a Test Manager in achieving proper agile implementation and to raise the quality of the products of his client. Some of the obstacles included:
- Agile ceremonies not followed
- Conflicts between management and subject matter experts
- Numerous technical difficulties blocking test automation implementation
- No buy-in from client’s test automation architect

Peter will show how to tackle these difficulties with strong-minded yet polite communication, proper time management, process level strategy changes and a well designed test automation solution.

Péter Földházi
EPAM Systems

Peter Földházi was first involved with QA as a beta tester of DOTA in 2006. Since joining EPAM in 2012, he moved towards test automation, and is currently working in the USA as a Quality Architect. He has experience in designing and developing solutions for mobile, web and desktop applications within domains such as financial, gaming, fitness and oil services. He is one of the first people in the world having successfully taken and passed the ISTQB Test Automation Engineer module exam. He is actively helping the ISTQB through the Hungarian Testing Board by reviewing and authoring syllabi. Péter is one of the programme committee members of the HUSTEF since 2015. Péter is also an active speaker, having spoken on conferences such as STARWEST, STAREAST, HUSTEF, SauceCon, etc. He used to be a guest lecturer at 3 Budapest based universities: Óbuda, Pázmány and the ELTE universities. Brewing beer and planting chilis are some of his hobbies.