STAREAST 2021 Tutorial: A Hands-on Intro to Docker for Testers

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Monday, April 26, 2021 - 10:00am to 1:30pm

A Hands-on Intro to Docker for Testers

Docker is one of the hottest technologies in our industry today. It lets you create and manage containers—like virtual machines but smaller and faster. They can provide on-demand, disposable test environments that start quickly, repeatably, locally or in the cloud. When you want, you can tear down the environment and recreate a pristine copy within seconds. And since the process is automated, anyone on the team can use the same commands to get their own systems. When you finish testing, those containers can be deployed directly into production. At each stage, the environments for development, test, and production will all look and behave the same.

NOTE: During this workshop, you will use a SSH client to connect from your laptop to one of our AWS EC2 server instances and run a series of docker commands from the command line. Please make sure you have a SSH client installed on your laptop and that any firewalls allow outgoing SSH (port 22) traffic. We recommend PuTTY for Windows or the standard ssh command line client for MacOS and Linux. For information about installing PuTTY, please visit: 

Richard Mills

Richard Mills has more than 25 years of experience in software engineering with a concentration on pragmatic software process and tools. Rich has a specific focus in Agile development methods and is passionate about DevOps, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Delivery. As the Solution Lead for DevOps at Coveros, Rich is dedicated to helping customers build software better, faster and more securely by coaching and mentoring in Agile development methodologies, automating software delivery (builds, tests, and deployment) and integrating strong security measures into development techniques. He has spent his career working in the areas of static and dynamic software analysis tools, configuration management, and continuous integration. Rich currently works as a Technical Manager with Coveros and has been with the company since 2010, spending most of his time engaged with customers. He is an alumnus of Bucknell University where he earned a BSEG in Computer Engineering.