STAREAST 2021 Concurrent Session : 4 Strategies to Champion Quality

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Thursday, April 29, 2021 - 11:30am to 12:30pm

4 Strategies to Champion Quality

Testing without a strategy or plan will always lead to missed opportunities to infuse quality earlier and often. As software leaders, you may be surprised to find that even today testing can still be an afterthought. From poor requirements or documentation, lengthy test cycles, flaky or bloated test automation suites, this issue can surface in many ways. In this talk, Erika Chestnut, Head of Quality Assurance at Calendly, will share how she is leading her organization to think more broadly about quality. In addition, she will share the leadership steps she has implemented to transform QA from an end of delivery life cycle review step into a significant source of value that has led to faster, higher-quality releases that are focused on improving the customer experience. Join Erika to learn how to champion quality in your organization and how you can convince your teams to think about and plan for quality throughout the entire lifecycle of the product, from concept to development to delivery and beyond.

Erika Chestnut

For 20 years Erika Chestnut has been immersed in the world of Technology and Quality. She started her career as a developer and gained a deep understanding of business processes, SDLC, and the role quality played in achieving business goals. She is an empathetic servant leader who derives deep satisfaction from nurturing teams and individuals within organizations and has a passion for people which enables her to deftly lead and mentor quality assurance teams with a keen focus on excellence across product, process, and performance. Erika excels at creating quality strategies and ensuring that quality is both supporting and supported at every step of the SDLC.