STAREAST 2021 Concurrent Session : Visualizing the Futuristic View - Testing Serverless Applications

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Wednesday, April 28, 2021 - 2:15pm to 3:15pm

Visualizing the Futuristic View - Testing Serverless Applications

Speed is the name of the game now as we strive to deliver new features faster to end-users. When it comes to building and delivering the software faster - speed, quality, security, business growth, end-user satisfaction, and cost control also play an important role in driving success.
Testing is important!

  • How do we test the serverless applications?
  • How is this different from the native app?
  • What are the differences between the traditional & serverless apps?
  • How do we test the code which is running in some server which we do not manage?
  • How are we going to test the lambda functions?  How are we going to test the API services?

Based on fact-finding & analysis, this talk will provide a brief description of testing the serverless applications and how it is going to revolutionize the industry. Approach on how to test serverless applications - What & Why Serverless, Traditional vs Serverless apps, Key Differentiators & Challenges & Shifting Test Pyramid along with demo

Manisha Mittal

Manisha Mittal is currently working as Senior Manager, Quality Assurance has more than 14 years of experience in the field of software testing. She is a dynamic, self-motivated leader and believes in delivering quality software, a key factor to customer satisfaction, and motivates the team with excellent leadership & management skills along with effective communication, good interpersonal skills. She is passionate about learning new technologies in the field of emerging testing areas. She has played a diversified role in Agile, DevOps, Cloud Computing, High Availability & Clustering, Automation, Performance, API testing. She is a dedicated Leader/Manager who can juggle testing of multiple releases with multiple dependencies.