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Wednesday, April 26, 2017 - 8:30am to 12:00pm

IoT with Azure Streaming Data Services

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From the gathering of data to its analysis and presentation, Microsoft Azure provides services to make architecting and delivering IoT functionality easy. Mike Benkovich illustrates the possibilities with MyDriving, a reference architecture application that shows the processing of data created by an OBD/II device through a smartphone proxy. He introduces the concepts of Data in Motion and IoT infrastructures and describes various Azure services and management tools. With this foundation established, Mike introduces you in a lab setting to core services including Event Hub, stream analytics, and storage. Explore machine learning, supplemented with a lab exercise. Identify the steps you can take to increase your personal capabilities. Learn how Azure can add value to the ingestion process and how to use Azure Resource Manager Scripts to provision and configure services. See how IoT works, where you can use it in your own scenario—and discover how you can take this reference architecture and customize it to your needs.

Laptop Required with current browser installed. Azure trial subscription can be provisioned during class.

Mike Benkovich
Improving-Twin Cities

Mike Benkovich brings it all—energy, laughter, and a contagious passion for coding—with him. In a career that has taken him from minion to business owner, from database administrator to developer, from author to evangelist, Mike has seen it all. In more than twenty-five years of working in the technology industry, he has been part of the latest waves to sweep the industry. Whether delivering MSDN events live or webcast presentations, on the developer resource site BenkoTips or his blog, Mike brings enthusiasm for tools and an energy for the search to find a better way. Follow Mike on Twitter @mbenko.