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Thursday, April 27, 2017 - 4:15pm to 5:00pm

A Coded Mind: From Ideas and Assumptions to Applications

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We tend to imagine code as a construct wholly separate from the subjectivity of the human mind. However, time and time again we prove that systems and applications are extensions of our thought process—for better and for worse. Our assumptions and our ideas are magnified when captured in code—for better and for worse. TJ Usiyan asserts that overlooking this idea has led to unfortunate expectations of the software that we write and poor results for those meant to use it. Join TJ as he describes tools you can employ to reveal overlooked audiences, avoid unforced errors in products and product strategies, and reimagine the relationships among customers/users, the software, and development teams. Learn about the themes and assumptions playing out all around the edges of the software development cycle that influence how we believe people can benefit from software, who we assume to be most capable of developing it, and what we envision as future products. Leave with revealing insights that will reshape your customer interactions and transform your software development and products.

TJ Usiyan
The Iron Yard

An instructor with Atlanta-based Iron Yard, TJ Usiyan is a teacher, writer, musician, and software developer, excited about crafting interesting work and helping others do the same. TJ has two degrees—one in electronic production and design and the other in creative writing. He entered software development through musical and pedagogical interests and has spent the time since exploring and modeling musical structure and the language of music in Objective-C and Swift. TJ developed and released the iOS app Chordal Text and the Additive Synthesizer Audio Unit (Partial).