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Wednesday, April 26, 2017 - 1:00pm to 4:30pm

Create an IoT Device: A Hands-On Workshop

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With the cost of microcontrollers, sensors, and Wi-Fi modules steadily decreasing, IOT is finding its way into many common devices in our lives and households. But, how do you get started with IoT development? What’s the best device to use? For this information and more, join Lance Gleason to explore the world of IoT by turning conference badges into Wi-Fi-enabled devices using the NodeMCU (ESP8266) open-source firmware and development kit, a 4x4 NeoPixel array, small battery pack, sensor, and voltage chip. Attendees will start by learning some basic electronics as we assemble the units (no soldering required!). Next, become familiar with microcontrollers as we write scripts to light up the NeoPixels and read values from the sensors. Finally, we’ll integrate our devices with a server and use a messaging protocol like MQTT to read data, send commands, and create different light patterns on the NeoPixels. By the end of this workshop, you'll have a fully functioning IoT device and server—and, arguably, one of the coolest badges at the conference!

Laptop Required and Other Course Requirements: To participate in the hands-on coding activities, you will need enough JavaScript experience to be comfortable writing basic Javascript programs. Each participant must bring a laptop with admin access (you can install software). Prior to class, download and install the Node.js application. Bring a micro USB cable. IoT sensor hardware will be provided.

Lance Gleason
Polyglot Programming Inc.

A computer nut since he was a kid, Lance Gleason is founder and CEO of Polyglot Programming LLC, focusing on Ruby, mobile, and wearable software development. Lance previously worked as a Java developer and architect for Kodak, CNN, and GE. He regularly speaks about Ruby and wearable development at conferences worldwide and is the co-organizer of the Atlanta Sensors and Startups Meetup, Ruby DCamp ZA, and Rubyfuza, the only Ruby conference in Africa. He is known to practice interspecies pair (purr) programming with his orange tabby, Allie. When not writing code, Lance may be diving with sharks, trekking through Chernobyl, sampling wine, cheering on the Springboks, or perfecting his biltong recipe.