Better Software West 2017 Concurrent Session - Your Resume is Now What You Do on GitHub | TechWell

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Thursday, June 8, 2017 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Your Resume is Now What You Do on GitHub

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Increasingly, recruiters are looking at GitHub accounts to identify candidates who demonstrate a proven history of work over several years with specific technologies. Rather than looking at your résumé, employers prefer looking at your GitHub account because it’s verifiable. Anyone can analyze your GitHub history to see what you have been working on, when, with whom, and with what technologies. They can see how “technical” you are by what type of files you changed. Wilson Mar helps you create your own GitHub account, your personal website available from anywhere in the world, with keywords and filters recruiters use to find candidates. Examine how you compare with your peers. Learn specific tactics to become popular, tenacious, and respected on GitHub. Then apply these strategies to help others, so they are more willing to help you. Learn to use tools such as GitNotifier to be notified of new followers so you can follow-up quickly. Wilson includes lessons others learned—such as effective wording of issues and tasks—from using Git and GitHub to collaborate with people worldwide.

Wilson Mar

Wilson Mar has been building and bringing enterprise applications to market on major platforms—from mobile to server clouds—as an architect, developer, performance tester, and manager. His website ( provides concise, in-depth advice on leading technologies. For the last 3 years, Wilson has been refining his training techniques on Git and GitHub so that attendees quickly understand its intricacies.