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Friday, June 9, 2017 - 2:30pm to 3:30pm

Agile Leadership in the Public Sector

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Less than a decade ago Gartner reported that 75 percent of large-scale government IT projects resulted in failure. In 2014, government software project failures such as again called national attention to this continuing problem in the public sector. To become more responsive, many federal, state, and local agencies began using agile software delivery methods. Yet, public service leaders still struggle to embrace new ways of thought or challenging long-term processes to instill agility into the public sector culture. Todd Holden examines what he sees as a fundamental thought-shift needed by government leadership to support an organizational agile transformation. Todd shares his personal experience in the agile transformation of a state department, beginning with software teams and then moving to a larger-scale organizational impact in other functional business areas. Discover the obstacles initially encountered, lessons learned, and the challenges that still lie ahead. Join Todd to see how it is possible to transform the way government delivers software and services—and how we as public leaders can embrace agile leadership.

Todd Holden
Tennessee Department of Transportation

Todd Holden is the director of IT product development and a key player in the agile transformation of the Tennessee Department of Transportation. He helped bring attention to the idea of agile software delivery to the state as a whole. Todd firmly believes that, moving forward, software delivery inside public service can learn from past mistakes and produce a better model—with transparency, inspection, and adaptation within reasonable risk horizons to produce amazing software products for both employees and citizens. In the software industry for twenty-five years, Todd has been involved in all aspects of the product development lifecycle and has worked in finance, biomedical research, and several public sector domains.