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Thursday, June 8, 2017 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm

Happy and Productive Teams: A Divine Saga

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Matti Klasson believes we live in a world where our social networks and relations are becoming more important in everything we do—and this is reflected in our work environment. Social relations and networks within the organization will supersede traditional hierarchical structures. We need to support the new paradigm of networking and socially connected organizations where teams are enabled to deliver value to the customer as fast as possible. A new agile leadership is needed to create and maintain an environment where people can be highly creative and innovative. This is the story of how King embraced a feedback culture within the engineering department and its largest gaming franchise, Candy Crush.This feedback culture provides employees with a tool to give their leaders the gift of feedback so they can evolve and adapt their leadership to enable happy and productive teams.

Matti Klasson
King Digital Entertainment

A people development lead at King, Matti Klasson has seventeen years of experience in computer engineering and in recent years has worked in agile environments. Matti’s role at King falls somewhere between HR and agile leadership in the engineering organization. He is responsible for ensuring that King’s 500 developers have the best condition to grow within their craft. Recently Matti has focused on coaching development managers and taking an agile approach to HR-related topics—role descriptions, performance appraisals, and goal setting. He applies the most innovative and radical organization design methodologies—such as sociocracy and management 3.0—and is inspired by complexity theory and system thinking. Find Matti on Twitter @MattiKlasson.