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Thursday, June 8, 2017 - 10:00am to 11:00am

Application Resiliency: Keys to Planning for IoT and the Cloud

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The technology storms continue to form and merge. The Internet of Things, software-defined everything, blockchain, and cloud computing are combining and recombining in new ways. To provide and consume trusted and resilient services, solutions must be defined and designed to accommodate failure. Although the term resiliency is seldom defined, clarified, or used in a meaningful context, it is often used to describe applications. However, this vagueness leads to rework, cost overrun, frustration, and most importantly, solutions that do not provide the resilience required by the business. Resiliency can take many forms: performance, security, integrity, and even personal safety. Steven Woodward shares a taxonomy in conjunction with example scenarios that highlight categories of resiliency. The models and examples Steven provides can be used immediately, helping to clarify risks, streamline activities, and plan and budget to contend with resiliency risks. Take this opportunity to network and exchange ideas that will help you build resilient applications as the technology storm front continually advances.

Steven Woodward
Cloud Perspectives

CEO of Ottawa-based Cloud Perspectives, Steven Woodward is a member of the National Institute of Standards for Technology cloud computing working groups, a co-leader of the Cloud Audit and Cloud Carrier sub-groups, and contributor to the Standards, Reference Architecture, SLAs, Security, Broker, and Services topic areas. Steven fosters collaboration and cooperation within and between standards groups (ISO/IEC, IEEE, IFPUG, TMFORUM, ITU-T, CSA, OMG) to clarify and quantify realistic expectations for cloud computing and the controls that build trust. Contact Steven at Cloud Perspectives, [email protected], and on Twitter @woodwardsystems or @cloudsimplify.