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Monday, June 5, 2017 - 8:30am to 12:00pm

Building Continuous Delivery Pipelines: A Workshop

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Although continuous delivery (CD) and DevOps are growing in popularity, not much practical information is available about how to get started. This hands-on technical tutorial is the place to get your feet wet and your questions answered. For this workshop, bring a laptop with the appropriate software installed (see note below), and Ken Mugrage will provide everything else you need. You will configure a complete continuous delivery pipeline from source code commit through deployment. Learn when to run each common type of automated test for the fastest possible feedback and how to run tests in parallel for shorter cycle times. Moving from practice to theory, Ken explores industry studies and peer-reviewed scientific research that show the value of practicing continuous delivery and adopting a DevOps culture. He describes how the need for CD developed and then fed the requirements for culture change to support DevOps and CD practices. In this workshop, learn how to create and then practice creating a continuous delivery pipeline—from the ground up.

Laptop Required—This workshop, designed for software professionals, requires no continuous delivery or DevOps experience. Delegates should bring a laptop with the latest versions of Virtualbox and Vagrant installed.

Ken Mugrage

A technology evangelist for ThoughtWorks, Ken Mugrage is focused on providing education on DevOps and continuous delivery. He began his IT career in the early 1990s as a system administrator for Seattle’s first Internet service provider. Ken went on to form his own web development company in 1994, creating some of the first data-driven websites anywhere. During the next twenty years he held almost every position in a software development organization—from developer to director of a global engineering team. Using his experience Ken has consulted with top companies on applying the right technical solutions to business problems.