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Thursday, June 8, 2017 - 11:30am to 12:30pm

Adapting Your Organization and Teams for Agile

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As more and more companies and teams transform to agile, the challenges become more diverse and affect how teams execute and the personal careers/ambitions of team members. Agile transformation poses challenges that span product architectures, products modularization, execution velocity, timelines, release management, and the roles of product, project, and engineering managers. Nir Szilagyi has led teams in multiple companies through the storm of agile changes and experienced first-hand the pitfalls that these changes can bring. Nir shares both his personal story as a quality engineering manager in a quality decentralized world and the story of his team’s journey. He discusses preparing the team for the change, identifying skill gaps and upskilling when needed, revised responsibilities of team members, the role of the team as part of enterprise agile, and the challenges of scaling agile activities. Nir outlines his personal journey of playing a hybrid role of engineering and quality leader, and details the career possibilities that resulted from these different perspectives.

Nir Szilagyi

Senior engineering manager Nir Szilagyi brings more than sixteen years of experience to the risk platform engineering team he leads at PayPal. Previously at eBay, he led the products platform quality engineering team in Israel and US. Nir had been involved in shaping eBay's test automation framework and is leading the development of similar quality initiatives at PayPal. In both companies, Nir led the team’s transformation from a classic advisory group to an agile engineering team, focusing on quality throughout the product development lifecycle. Passionate about automation and testing smarter, Nir believes that agility, engineering solutions for quality, influencing testability, and open communication drive organizations forward.