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Thursday, June 8, 2023 - 11:30am to 12:30pm

A Test Automation Workflow for Mobile Software That Actually Works

The vision is shared amongst many engineering and quality teams: we’re going to automate our testing end to end and integrate it seamlessly into our CI/CD pipeline. It sounds beautiful and efficient. And for much of your software testing infrastructure, you’re probably making it happen! Then reality hits hard as soon as you deploy the latest release of your mobile app. You don’t have control over the third-party devices or SDKs your app depends on, or the universe of operating systems users actually use. If you care about quality, and you want complete coverage for your mobile app, it isn’t possible with standard test automation principles alone. But with some creativity and a rethink of how you test on mobile, you can create automations that are resilient enough to handle those challenging use cases. In this session, we’ll talk through the challenge areas and roadblocks many teams ultimately run into, with concrete strategies to overcome them used by teams at popular mobile app companies like Citizen, BeReal, and Persona. You’ll walk away with lessons from the frontlines of mobile app testing, and a playbook to ensure you’re releasing the best quality app possible and catching bugs before production.


Eden Full Goh is the Founder and CEO of Mobot, a physical testing infrastructure in the cloud for mobile apps powered by supervised, mechanical robots. At Mobot, Eden works directly with mobile-first companies to support their mobile testing strategy and implementation of physical testing automation. Previously, Eden built products that spanned the energy, healthcare and government sectors at Palantir Technologies and Butterfly Network. Eden studied mechanical engineering and computer science at Princeton University before dropping out to found SunSaluter, a global non-profit that deployed an open-source solar panel tracker design in 19 countries, impacting 17,000+ people.