Agile + DevOps West 2023 Concurrent Session : Reimagining Digital Cloud Transformation: Automation and DevOps Pipeline

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Wednesday, June 7, 2023 - 10:30am to 11:30am

Reimagining Digital Cloud Transformation: Automation and DevOps Pipeline

Organizations face numerous challenges during their journey to Digital Cloud Transformation—the most pressing challenges are frequent failures and the absence of a “big-picture” mindset. Driven by KPMG’s quest to deliver a superior customer experience, their Digital Cloud Transformation framework delivers improved quality, reduced time to market, reliability, and sustainable Cloud Transformation. Moving away from the archaic approach from replicating traditional regression onto cloud integration validations, KPMG has helped customers minimize risk and increase test coverage by E2E continuous testing using DevOps. Please join Deepak Sharma as he shares his experience on how automating infrastructure, functional and non-functional testing in a single DevOps pipeline has helped our customers improve efficiency and mitigate cost pressures. He will then deep dive into how we have successfully automated the testing of Infra as Code, Policy as Code, Configuration as Code, GUI, Performance, and Chaos testing using a single DevOps pipeline in a complex cloud ecosystem.

Deepak has an extensive experience in the area of Quality engineering, Agile, DevOps implementation and automation solutions. He differentiates with his diverse experience in testing for cloud transformation projects, implementing CI/CD pipelines, leveraging the latest cloud technologies to create value, solve hard problems and reduce cost.
He has experience working in large complex digital and agile transformation projects with many business and technology stakeholders to gain alignment, improve process and deliver rich customer experiences. When he is not working, he is either playing Tennis, Cricket or hitting gym.