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Thursday, June 11, 2015 - 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Agile Leadership

Teaching Pointy-Haired Bosses to be Agile Enablers Prior Year Content

Ryan Ripley says that Scrum failures can often be traced back to management not understanding their role in an agile world. What gets managed during an agile project? How is success measured? Will I keep my job in the transition? Managers have all these questions and more during an agile transformation. Unfortunately, these fears are not covered during the two-day certification courses. Agile coaches need a plan for how to talk with managers and teach them the best ways to contribute to agile projects. To better understand managers’ concerns, Ryan introduces the concept of personas, representing different managers. He explores ways to “coach up” management and help them get past their concerns and issues. Ryan shares his insights on where managers can improve agile projects, how they can add value in a newly transformed organization, and help pave the way for agile teams to succeed.

Ryan Ripley
Ryan Ripley,

Ryan Ripley has worked on agile teams for the past ten years in development, ScrumMaster, and management roles. He’s worked at various Fortune 1000 companies in the medical device, wholesale, and financial services industries. Ryan is great at taking tests and holds the PMI-ACP, PSM I, PSM II, PSPO I, PSD I, and CSM agile certifications. Ryan lives in Indiana with his wife Kristin and two sons. He blogs at where you can read scrum tips, agile practices, and insights into what makes an agile team work. Follow Ryan on Twitter @ryanripley.

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