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Why Agile Development West?

Why Attend Agile Development Conference West?


Since its inception in 2007, the highly-rated Agile Development Conference has been recognized for bringing together preeminent thought leaders in the agile universe.

If you are new to agile and want to understand its principles, basic processes, organizational structures, and roles, the Agile Development Conference can help. Conference sessions focus on:
  • Basics of the agile movement
  • Organizational roles in agile
  • Why agile processes work
  • How agile is different from classic waterfall
  • Implementing agile in your organization
  • Breaking away from the old processes and truly adopting the spirit of agile
If you have been practicing agile development for awhile and want to take your organization to the next level, become more effective, tune your agility, and help your entire organization become more agile, you’ll learn about:
  • Implementing agile across the enterprise
  • Boosting your company's agility and performance
  • Refining your agile processes
  • Coordinating with the parts of your organization that are not agile
  • Quantifying the benefits of agile
  • Communicating the value of agile to upper management

95% of 2014 attendees recommend
Agile Development Conference West to others in the industry

In addition, pre-conference training courses help you become proficient in the fundamentals of agile or get certified in the roles of ScrumMaster, Product Owner, and Agile Software Tester.

During the conference presentations, learn from key industry experts. Gain key insights from both the experts and your peers on issues you deal with every day. Get to know agile from those who are helping companies all over the world implement agile practices.

The Agile Development Conference provides an intimate learning experience, giving you the opportunity to meet with fellow practitioners and have one-on-one consulting sessions with agile experts.

We hope that you will attend the Agile Development Conference and acquire the knowledge you need to move into an agile role, become a valuable asset to any agile project, and successfully implement agile throughout your organization.