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Wednesday, June 10, 2015 - 2:45pm - 3:45pm
Agile Techniques

Be Fast on Your Feet: Kick Back and WATCH the Board Prior Year Content

Have limited time monitoring complex projects? Need to be fast on your feet during your teams’ standups? It’s a daunting task to keep track of the current work in flight. Steve Dempsen shares a mnemonic technique―WATCH—to help you think of and articulate critical questions to ask on the fly. For story cards remember W―Where is the card? Where should it be? A―What is the average time for a story this size? Are we on schedule? T―What is the status of testing? Test coverage and complexity? C―Is the story complete? consistent? And H―Is help needed? Who should we turn to? With limited time and complex subjects, ScrumMasters can use each letter in WATCH to quickly help their teams remain aware of the key aspects of development and remain focused on delivering effective solutions.

1.00 PMI® PDU
Steve Dempsen
Steve Dempsen, Capital Group

Steve Dempsen is a senior project analyst in the enterprise program management office at the Capital Group. Steve works daily using various frameworks and methodologies with multiple teams to help them deliver value on enterprise projects. As a ScrumMaster and senior application developer at the Capital Group, Steve has provided leadership in agile and lean delivery practices; processes, configuration and release management; and architecture and design. Previously at Accenture and PacifiCare Health Systems, he designed high-tech and healthcare systems. Steve keeps his CSP, PMI-ACP, and PMP credentials active by speaking at conferences and user groups.

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