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Wednesday, June 10, 2015 - 4:15pm - 5:15pm
Improving the Process

How Agile Can We Go? Lessons Learned Moving from Waterfall Prior Year Content

How agile are you? Once you jump off the waterfall and drink from the agile pool, there will probably be varying opinions as to the state of the organization’s agility. Some will be concerned that they are not agile enough; others will think they are agile while still adhering to old waterfall principles. Adapting to agile requires process changes that can cause friction within and between teams. Max McGregor’s organization Venafi has several teams working on multiple projects, spread worldwide. Even after a number of software releases using agile methods, teams still have challenges. Max provides insight into one mid-sized organization’s evolution through this process—where it’s working well, what the biggest challenges are, and what’s being done to increase its success with agile. Join Max to determine how agile you can or should become, and take back new ideas and methods to your teams to help them succeed.

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Max McGregor
Max McGregor, Venafi

Certified ScrumMaster Max McGregor is coaching two teams in developing cyber security encryption key protection systems for the Global 2000. Max has helped two different organizations through the transition from waterfall to agile in a multi-team, multi-project, international environment. He is currently training other departments at Venafi in agile principles and methods. Max is a JIRA administrator, facilitating the right balance of automation for successful agile project and process management. Max has several years of experience as a product manager and program manager. He is an avid outdoorsman—hiking, climbing, snowboarding, and photographing Utah’s amazing landscape (

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