STAREAST 2021 Tutorial: Test Automation: Start and Succeed

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Monday, April 26, 2021 - 10:00am to 1:30pm

Test Automation: Start and Succeed

Many organizations invest a lot of effort in test automation at the system level but then have serious problems as their product matures and changes over time. As a leader, how can you ensure that your new automation efforts will get off to a good start? What can you do to ensure that your automation work provides continuing added value? Chris Loder explains the critical issues you need to know to get a good start, and he will share his extensive experience in building great automation. He covers the most important management issues you should address for test automation success, particularly when you are new to automation and choosing the best approaches for your organization—no matter which automation tools you use. Focusing on system-level testing, Chris talks about how automation affects staffing, who should be responsible for which automation tasks, how managers can best support automation efforts to promote success, what you can realistically expect in benefits, and finally, how to report them. He explains—for non-techies—the critical technical issues that can make or break your automation effort.  Chris also takes time to walk you through designing your tests to give you the best chance at automation success. Come away with your own clarified automation objectives and a draft test automation strategy to plan your test automation.

Note: This is a code-free tutorial!


Upland InGenius

An Automation Architect at Upland InGenius, Chris Loder is an automation enthusiast to the core. His passion and experience help companies reduce regression time and improve overall software quality. With over two decades of automation experience, he designs and implements automation frameworks with his team of automation developers. Chris is a regular speaker at conferences and has delivered tutorials, keynotes and track sessions at STAREAST, STARWEST and STARCANADA. Topics include how to get started in automation, building automation frameworks and what we have learned from Saturday morning cartoons! Attendees of STAREAST 2019 will remember Chris from the Automation Zone in the Test Lab where he helps people learn to automate on his custom built framework. Chris loves to share his knowledge and experience and talk about all things automation! You can contact Chris via Twitter or LinkedIn.