STAREAST 2021 Concurrent Session : Automation Using Geb/Spock/Groovy and a Geb Page Object Generator

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Wednesday, April 28, 2021 - 2:15pm to 3:15pm

Automation Using Geb/Spock/Groovy and a Geb Page Object Generator

Suze will go over the general introduction to the Geb/Spock/Groovy Automation solution as a layer of abstraction over Selenium/JUnit4/Java. She will also teach the technique and advantages of Page Object Modeling where she will demonstrate a simple Geb Page Object and the associated test that runs against the web search pages. Suze will then introduce a tool that she created that reads web pages and creates the application page's Geb Page Object and a test class that contains some basic tests. She will discuss the advantage this gives that allow you to accelerate your testing efforts with the tool, it's output, and take a detailed walk through the code.

Suze Bolduc
Mutual of Omaha

Suze Bolduc wrote her first test automation while working on a homegrown solution using REXX in a VM/CMS IBM 370 environment in the 1990's. Then graduated to teaching HTML classes and other technical classes. She moved on to teach herself automation tools like QARun, Test Complete, Selenium and Geb. Currently, she is a Senior Test Automation Developer at Mutual of Omaha, where she teaches Geb/Spock/Groovy Introductory and Advanced classes and provide consulting and mentoring services to my students and other co-workers across the enterprise. She considers herself to be a tester who codes and over the years have worked in organizations of all sizes from where she was the QA department to America Online in its heyday.