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Thursday, May 8, 2014 - 9:45am - 10:45am
Test Automation

Patterns of Automation: Simplify Your Test Code

Many organizations are introducing test automation only to discover it is more difficult than they anticipated. The fact is that good test automation requires good coding practices. Good test automation requires good design. To do anything else will lead to spaghetti code that is hard to maintain or update. If you’re new to coding or new to automation, it is difficult to know where to begin. Join Cheezy as he describes and demonstrates lessons he has learned while helping numerous organizations adopt test automation. Cheezy shows the patterns he uses to keep automation code simple and clean, and demonstrates techniques you can use to make your automation code more maintainable. Finally, Cheezy writes code (without a net) to implement these patterns, taking them from theory to implementation.

Chief technology officer and a cofounder of LeanDog, Jeff “Cheezy” Morgan has been teaching classes and coaching teams on agile and lean techniques since early 2004. Most of his work has focused on the engineering practices used by developers and testers. For the past few years Cheezy has experienced great success and recognition for his work focused on helping teams adopt Acceptance Test Driven Development using Cucumber. He has authored several popular Ruby gems used by software testers and the book Cucumber & Cheese—A Testers Workshop.

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