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Tuesday, June 6, 2017 - 8:30am to 12:00pm

Improve the Mobile User Experience (UX): Keep Your Users Coming Back

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Many enterprises are migrating to mobile while new organizations are adopting a mobile-first or mobile-only strategy. Because of the special characteristics of mobile and its user base, usability and the user experience (UX) are of increased importance, especially with SaaS-based business models where users can pay by the month and switch applications in a heartbeat. This is intensified with mobile users who can download another app and try it for free. So you've got about thirty seconds for your users to understand how to use your app and get value. How do you do that? With a UX that works for and “talks” to the user, understanding what they want and when. Phil Lew covers both usability and user experience, explains their connections and differences, and explores design and evaluation methods to improve UX on both mobile and web platforms. To build a deeper understanding of how to improve your own app’s UX, Phil gives examples to illustrate the good, the bad, and the ugly. Discover key principles for design and evaluation of usability. Develop a methodology for continuous improvement of your users’ experiences. Learn how to—and how not to—incorporate context into your UX. Leave with knowledge of how to keep your users coming back.

Philip Lew

After working in various management and technical positions in software development and product management, Philip Lew leads XBOSoft’s direction and strategy as CEO. A speaker at numerous trade and academic conferences, Phil has worked with hundreds of organizations to assess the quality of their software, examine software quality processes, and set forth measurement plans to improve software quality using systematic methods. His Ph.D. research in software quality and usability resulted in several IEEE and ACM journal publications and in various trade journals as well. Find out more about Philip at