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Thursday, November 12, 2015 - 10:00am - 11:00am
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Impersonal Leadership Is Dead: Be Courageous and Connect Prior Year Content

Your people make your company worth working for and can propel it to greatness. Do you know the people you work with—their learning styles, what makes them extraordinary, their real motivation? The answers are critical to everyone’s success, making the difference between an alliance of good workers and an exceptional team of great people. Learn how to shift your leadership focus to a true personal connection and gain insight into the people with whom you work. Christopher Logan shares simple but effective methods for true connection, helping co-workers shine in mutually beneficial ways, letting them open up about what they want and encouraging them to be their best. Learn what questions to ask, how to find common ground, broach tough subjects, give room for growth, and get what you both need. Discover how your company culture can become the envy of your industry and how much you can benefit personally from having great people around you.

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Christopher Logan
Christopher Logan, RoZetta Technology

The chief architect and head of engineering for RoZetta Technology, Christopher Logan is leading teams to create highly scalable, resilient, and adaptable petabyte scale data systems. On the panel for computer science and software engineering scholarships for the University of NSW, Christopher is a proponent of engineering education and best practices. Formerly a global Discipline Owner for Design and Implementation processes at Honeywell Process Solutions, Christopher believes in a balanced and holistic approach to engineering to create an atmosphere of success, motivation, and real innovation. Connect with Christopher on LinkedIn.

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